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Karen Merritt3
by Karen Merritt3
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I was planning on making a glazing ball out of a bowling ball. I had seen the project here on Hometalk the other day. I went to RedRack today to purchase a bowling ball. I found one for $3.99. I was so excited. It was the only one they had. I put it in my cart and was still looking around. I decided I prefered a lighter option. And I didnt think Ihad enough of the gems to cover the whole bowling ball. My sister Laurie pointed out the glass globe and the piece of glass to set it on. It wasn't the same size as the bowling ball but I knew it would be easier to work with than the bowling ball. I needed something to put it on to raise it up. I don't know what the glass thing was for but it worked perfectly. The globe fit right on top. The globe and glass piece cost just $1.00 for both together. I couldn't wait to get home to start working on it. I looked all over my house for my adhesive glue. I glued 6 of the glass gems on the globe. I bought the big bag of gems at an estate sale on Saturday for $2.00. Well the adhesive took forever to dry and my fingers were getting tired of holding the gems in place. I decided to switch to my glue gun. I wish I started with it instead of the adhesive. I was cooking with gas now. I was glueing at a fast pace. Before I knew it I was all done. I added my battery operated lights. It turned out good.
My supplies for my glazing ball/light
I washed the globe and glass piece with warm soapy water. And dried them off real good. I separated the gems into the three colors. Dark blue, slate blue and clear.
My beautiful gems.
I started applying the gems with adhesive. I got as far as applying 6 gems and stopped. It was taking such a long time for the adhesive to dry. I switched to my glue gun. I'm so glad I did. I was able to get more glued in a shorter amount of time.
Half way done!
All of the gems are glued on.
I finished glueing on the rest of the gems. I put the battery operated lights in the globe. I sat the globe on top of the piece of glass. On goes the lights. I can't put it outside because the hot glue can not hold up to the weather. The gems will come off. I like it as light too.
Here it is with the over head lights off.
Here it is with out the over head lights on.
Here is the glass piece I put the globe on.
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  • Ann Heideman Coon Ann Heideman Coon on Sep 17, 2017
    hI wonder if this would work on a indoor light globe? As long as the wattage of the lightbulb wasn't to high?

  • Judy Judy on Sep 19, 2017
    How about helping your child make this for grandma for a very special Christmas gift? Make it with her favorite colors or a color that will go with her living room or bathroom theme? Actually, why not make one for that special teacher this year? Bet they could be made in various sizes for a set!

  • Mea12583028 Mea12583028 on Sep 22, 2017
    I have searched and searched for the clear glass globe with stand at RedRack/Amazon,but to NO avail. In fact I have searched everywhere!! How long ago did you purchase the globe and stand? Could you please send me the info or link or something so I may purchase several of them. The prices are pretty high and nothing like what you had. Thanks

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  • Mari Ivetpo Mari Ivetpo on Sep 23, 2017
    I love the idea for either indoor or out. LED would be the best idea because of heat of bulb..Any clear glass vase would work too. If you find the wide mouth clear glass with round bottom, upside down it has it's own built in base, but no attachment for ceiling fixture. I would use the string lights even battery operated would work well..Just not something that would be lit all the time i would think anyway.

  • Sue Perry Sprague Sue Perry Sprague on Oct 20, 2017
    I have done something similar with wine bottles and used E6000 glue. It sets up quickly and there's no worry about the glass pieces falling off for any reason. Clear silicone could also be used.

    • Karen Merritt3 Karen Merritt3 on Oct 20, 2017
      I will try silicone next. I didn't have much luck with E6000. They kept sliding off. Took forever to dry.