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10 Hours
This Entryway Makeover has been a long time coming. After we moved in it pretty much became a dumping ground for all of our shoes, bags, coats and anything else you could possibly think of.

Then I added fuel to the fire by purchasing a bench with no baskets underneath, so everything that had been stuffed inside was totally visible as soon as you walked in our house.

What a way to welcome guests right? Of course, everyone wants to see our kid’s dirty socks and three seasons worth of shoes piled up as soon as they walk in, now that’s what I call welcoming.
Don’t get me wrong it was nice for the kids to have a designated landing place to drop stuff when they came in from school but honestly, it just wasn’t worth the mess it left behind.

Also, there was no way to keep the space looking put together and it just made it too tempting to leave shoes there instead of taking them to the bedroom where they belong.

We started painting the main living area which is mostly open and as soon as that section was finished I knew the first thing I needed to get my hands on would be that disaster of an entryway.

Before I go on here is a little idea of what the area looked like before we finished. Let me first apologize for the photo quality, the hubs had the entire thing painted while I was at work and didn’t get any before photos. You see all of the coats and shoes? It just looks like a giant mess doesn’t it?
We painted the entire area in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. This color is the same color we have used in nearly every other room in our house, I love that it has neutral undertones If you have ever shopped for gray paint then you know how hard it can be to find one with little to no undertones but this one is perfect.

In the back of my head, I knew we would be redoing the entryway soon so I had been looking for the perfect console table for months, let me tell you it wasn’t easy at all.

Everything I came across was either too expensive or the wood was the wrong tone. So going into this I pretty much knew we would be building our own console table.
Once the space was painted, we started on the table and I absolutely love how it turned out! We will have a full post on the console table soon if you’d like to make one of your own.

For years I have imagined having gorgeous vintage rugs all over the house. There was just one problem, OUR BUDGET!

Every single rug I fell in love with would end up being so expensive that the only way I could justify purchasing one would be if I could drive it to work every day and I don’t think that’s happening in this lifetime.
After scouring the internet for what seemed like weeks I finally came across The Boho Fleamarket and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

These were the same rugs I had seen all  and the price was amazing! I was beyond excited that I could finally snag one of these beauties and not feel guilty about it for months.

So I quickly placed an order and since it was arriving straight from Turkey I thought it may take a while but to my surprise, it arrived just three days later! Now that is good service in my opinion.
As I unwrapped the rug I was ecstatic because I had finally hit the vintage rug jackpot only to be completely disappointed when I laid the rug down. It was like an inch too big! Queue the whomp, whomp, whomp music.

Somehow when I looked at the measurements  I obviously looked wrong, I just knew it would fit but sadly it didn’t. So I had to begin the process all over again.

This time I was much better equipped for my hunt and quickly came across Nashmil Rugs, the company had great prices and I was impressed with their reviews.

So I found a rug I loved and quickly swooped it up.
Now here’s where I was really impressed, I emailed the owner and told her that I needed it to ship out as soon as possible.

The next day she emailed me stating she had shipped it overnight and I would have it that day!
It arrived just like she said and I couldn’t be happier with it! The colors are very beautiful and for a vintage rug, it is in wonderful shape. I would definitely use Nashmil Rugs again in the future and I was 100% satisfied with the service they provided and no this post is not sponsored, I simply had a great experience.

When shopping for something that is so unique it can be very hard to make a decision, especially when you cannot see it in person. I put together a list with some of the stores I found during my hunt that have great prices and reviews, you can find it here.

Now here’s the part you never hear about, the part where every single thing that you had planned gets thrown out the window.

After we had our two staple pieces (rug and console table) I started ordering the rest of the items I would need for the makeover, I knew what I wanted the end result to look like but after everything arrived and I started putting everything together it just did not look the way it was supposed too.
Needless to say after several holes in our freshly painted walls which totally drove my husband nuts, I scrapped the entire plan and took off to target.

I knew I needed a large piece of art or a mirror because what I had was not working. Then the lamps I purchased looked way too big and one store sent me two stools that were two completely different colors!

After several hours not only did I find the perfect replacement items but I even saved some money which was a win-win!

Now imagine this, I have two lamps, two large baskets, several vases, a set of canisters, a sculpture and a 33×33 canvas all in the same shopping cart! I could not see a thing and once every few minutes I would run into something either head-on or hit it with the canvas poking out of the bottom.

It was quite the experience. Don’t worry only one sweet lady and an unsuspecting Target display were wounded during the making of this Entryway. 
Once I managed to get all of the pieces home everything pretty much fell together seamlessly and I am so happy with the way it turned out.

The space feels very inviting and even though I was stressed to the max when things weren’t going the way I intended, I am really glad the first plan didn’t work out because the end result is so much better.

With decorating sometimes things like this happen and you may have a meltdown but keep in mind that items can be returned and sometimes that spontaneous idea that you think is going to look terrible is the one that ends up totally surprising you!
Suggested materials:
  • Console table   (built it)
  • Home decor   (Target)
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