Mother's Day Flower Gift Basket | Decor A Perfect Mother's Day Bouquet

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Mother's Day is round the corner and this is a perfect flower bouquet for the event. Decorate with this flower basket and I'm sure she will surely love this simple and cute idea of gift.

Let's start and show your love to her!
First I started with a bamboo basket and filled the inner base with foam rubber. Then painted with green acrylic paint. This foam rubber will hold the flower sticks in position.
From a painted burlap sheet I cut some flower petals. Number of petals depend on how many you are going to use in one flower and number of flowers you are going to make. It varies due to size of the basket you use.
I tied the petals together with thread so that it looks like a flower. I use galvanised wire to make the stick.
This is how they look after finishing. Now your flowers icon are ready to be fixed in the basket.
I use hot gun glue while fixing the flower sticks. It holds them tightly to the foam rubber.
I started the decoration from outside towards in. You may do it as per your convenience.
Wow! your basket is now full of handmade flowers. It's time to decor the basket a bit more to give it a dimension.
I glued pre-cut stars icon around the neck of the basket.
How they are looking? What about the handle? They also need some detailing!
I used epoxy based resin compound to make some small shapes. You may use polymer clay instead. They work absolutely fine for the purpose.
Make small pieces like the picture above to fix them on the handle.
Hot glue will fix them in position. I decorate them to form like flowers.
Now look at the handle! They are quite impressive and looks beautiful with the floral pattern. icon
Finally I painted them with acrylic paint.
Here's your Mother's Day handmade flower bouquet is ready. Let her show off your handmade cute and floral gift to all.

A perfect Mother's Day gift icon is on the table now!

Let her enjoy your love with a cup of coffee! icon

Please share your stories on how you decorate your gift for her this year.
Watch this video for end-to-end steps. Hope you will like this to make it yourself at home.
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Suggested materials:
  • Bamboo basket   (local market)
  • Foam rubber   (local market)
  • Burlap sheet   (local market)
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