My Shabby Chic Window Wall

Sherri Onorato
by Sherri Onorato
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2 Weeks
I collected old windows because I wanted to give them new life! I had a large empty wall in my entry way that needed to be a focal point. Each window I made a little different but they all have a meaning to me and my family. One has my great grandmothers beads hanging from some vintage glass vases and my husbands great grandmothers hand-made doilies behind the glass. A couple have my children's pictures hanging from them, one has my wedding song painted on the glass, one is used to hang backpacks & coats & can be changed for seasons because it's low enough. It also has a message board. Another has chicken wire my kids found in the woods when we bought our home & it can be used to hang sunglasses on or decorations. Another has knobs to hang hats & vintage mason jars for floral arrangements. Another is just the way it is with a seasonal vine on it. The total project may have cost me 60.00! It took a lot of cleaning and metal dry wall hangers and my husband on a ladder to get the job done. But I love it!
My collection of old windows and items I wanted to display in my home that means somthing!
A view from the front door
A view from the upstairs living area.
Even simple can be beautiful!
Removing the glass was easy. Do it outside! I used a rubber mallet to tap the glass out.
Some window panes are more shabby or chippy or weathered than others but I love them just the way they were. They could easily be sanded, painted or stained.
Suggested materials:
  • Screw hooks, eye hooks, hollow door & dry wall hangers that can support 40lbs! Windex,knobs, string,cleaning products for wood. A sealer if the paint is chipping and may be lead paint, windex   (Lowes)
  • Items that mean somthing to you and your family   (Children, grandparents ect.)
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