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Do you have an old barometer that has been on your living room wall "forever"? Here is a way to give that outdated wall decor new appeal.
I LOVE the prospect of repurposing old items! I found this old weather station at a local thrift store for $5 and instantly saw the potential. I started by removing the screws that hold the back panel of the unit, the plastic clips that held the 3 panels (humidity, temperature, and barometer), the Plexiglas – using pliers when needed. Since the frame was all plastic, I could wash it with warm soap and water. I reattached the back with the screws.
Cut the pick “branches” apart to make smaller ones or to break up larger, multi flower bushes (you will want to use wire cutters). I cut dry floral foam to fit the opening, trimming it to keep it just below the level of the opening. Hot glue the cut foam to the INSIDE of the back panel. Cut sheet moss and glue on as the background. .

Using a screwdriver and awl, I figured out placement of the plants - the largest ones first, going down to smaller. I tried to “plant” them as they would grow – in groups. Plants don’t grow evenly, or evenly spread out. I made sure to also have the plants overlap the frame in places, just as live plants would do.
The back already has a keyhole to hang it. Because it is all artificial, it can be hung on a front door. You could also add feet to it and have it as a center piece! Simply hot glue corks from wine bottles (cut to the thickness/height you want) to the 4 corners!
Suggested materials:
  • Multi-flowered picks (photo 10)   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Purple pick (photo 14)   (Hobby Lobby)
  • "Grape" stem (photo 11)
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  • Yofrendonna Yofrendonna on Aug 25, 2017
    Did you repurpose the mechanical parts?

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Sep 08, 2017
    This is very pretty. It looks like a real vertical succulent garden. But where did you spend $60? Dollar Tree carries about everything you mentioned and I counted fewer than 15 plants. Just asking. 😇

  • Susanne Susanne on Sep 11, 2017
    I guess, I have to ask, why not have a good barometer? I am a farmer's daughter and we had one on our wall. I have one now to help me understand the weather. For me, the barometer is beautiful, though you did do a great job with the succulents.

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