New Life to Old Lamps

by Loretta
1 Material
2 Hours
These lamps were discarded, the shades were too big and torn and the brass was corroding.
Gently rub the corrosion off and smooth metal with stainless steel pads. Wipe off debris with a soft cloth.
We chose flat black spray paint to match the cast iron fireplace insert in our living room. Place paper towel in light socket to prevent paint getting inside the socket. Do this is a well ventilated space.
We chose fast drying paint.
The bottom of the lamps needed new felt.
Lay felt of your choice on a flat surface. Trace around the outer edge of the lamp base, I used a white colored pencil . This made it easy to see on the dark color.
Hand cut slightly inside the line. Felt stretches easily and there should be less trimming in the end.
Apply hot glue in small sections and press the felt into the glue. Work around the outer edge repeating this process until the outer edge has been covered. Working to keep the felt taught.
Trim any excess so it can't be seen from the top side when upright.
I found lamp shades on sale at Walmart for less than $20 for both.
Suggested materials:
  • 1 can of paint. 1steel wool pad soap free, 2 sheets of felt, 2 lamp shades   (Walmart)
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