Newborn Keepsake

Vicki Rogers
by Vicki Rogers
2 Days
A newborn keepsake made from pieces of the moms baby clothes. My grand daughter had a baby girl and had several of her baby clothes that my daughter saved, but was damaged over the years. My grand daughter wanted me to try and use pieces of them to make something for my great grand daughter. This is what I came up with.
I started by cutting bits and pieces of the clothes to use for kites and clouds. Although I didn't use most of the pieces, I was able to use the pieces that I thought would make the cutest clouds and kites.
I used the canvas as a guide as to how many I would make. I used sta- flo starch to give them dimension.
After painting the canvas with two coats of light blue paint, i used a sponge and white paint to create clouds on the canvas.
I put the kites and clouds on the canvas to see about where I wanted the lettering. I used stencils and used a map pencil to get it on there.
I used fabric paint to fill in the lettering and outline the kites and clouds. Then I sprinkled on glitter.
After everything was dry I glued it all on the canvas. My grand daughter loved it! I'm so thrilled to be a great grand mother, even though I think I'm too young to be one! :-))
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