No Electrical Lamp. Magic Lamp.

6 Materials
40 Minutes

Barn lamp with no electrical. This is a must do for your home if you don’t have electrical everywhere like me.

Barn light without electrical

In the video you will see i used and old barn light.

I did cut off the power cord since we were not going to need it.

I left the light bulb piece in it because we will adapt a touch light to this beauty.


Make sure you use some reinforcement if you are not on a stud.

Flower pot hanger

I used a flower pot ya get found at Lowe’s for 2 bucks. It was black I just sprayed it gold.

The touch light or remote controlled

I got a set of 6 of these lights on amazon. They have a remote control.

next I found a 3/4 pipe connector and fits perfectly on the light bulb thread.

I used a pvc cement to attach my light. On this barn light I had to use 2 of the 3/4 pipe connector because the neck of my light was a bit longer than I expected.

I love the color contrast here. In love with my creation.

this is. It for lighting. It was more for looks.

but you can do this in any light.

small lights by the bed can be reading lights with this touch lamps.

no wires. No electrical.

just use some imagination and you can transform any space

mask me anything about this project.

Raspberry and gold light

I closed the raspberry because we are a loud family and everything must fit our style. Lol.

DIY magic light. No electrical needed. Barn light

This was the best thing ever. I hung this without electrical by using a tap light a pipe connected and some glue.

Suggested materials:
  • Old barn lamp   (Shed finds)
  • Spray paint   (Lowes)
  • 3/4 pvc pipe connections   (Lowes)
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  • Becky McKinnon Becky McKinnon on Aug 22, 2020

    Love this idea but how does the light work?

  • Kenneth Slocki Kenneth Slocki on Oct 28, 2020

    What are the lights called? Trying to find in Amazon but not having a lot of luck. Thanks!