Old Hose Art for Your Home Decor

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
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Seen so many of these on Pinterest I just had to make one for myself. With some time and a little help (or not if you are solo), you can have this whimsical wall hanging for all to enjoy. This will take you at least 40-60 minutes.
I got an old hose for 3.99 at my local Sunrise Enterprise store. Then I found some faux flowers at the same place, adding to the ones I had at home.
This is where a second pair of hands would have been great. But, you have to determine the footage between your wound hose, mine being 2'. I wouldn't recommend less or more. Less and you have too many winds and more you have too little and the project becomes too large. Leave at least 4' loose.
Begin your spot glue on the hose and bind the hoses as you glue with cheap twine. This will be the hardest part to do. When you have bound it, all else is easier.
With some cut or ripped fabric, glue and wrap and glue over the twine.
Then place your flowers with she stems over the fabric. Your gloves will cover it. With the glue gun, attache your gloves cuffs to each other and lay over the fabric and let them cool. They can be heavy so don't be impatient. They will need a full minute to cool.
Bind your flowers for the end of the hose with twine so they don't get away from you as you are trying to glue them. Test them as you go so you don't make so many they won't fit in the hose end. When it's perfect glue them like these is no tomorrow because once they are in there, they will have to sustain rain and wind.
Hang it on something that really sticks out like hook that is at least 5" out. When I put the top of the hose up, I did nails and bent them down and up to keep it from coming off. Now you are ready to sit back and enjoy the compliments!!
Suggested materials:
  • Second Hand Hose   (3.99 at Sunrise Enterprise.)
  • Garden gloves, two sets   (1.00 each at Dollar Tree)
  • Scrap fabric, faux flowers and twine   (1.00 for flowers, all else at home)
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