Old Mug Ready for Yard Sale- Challenged to Do Something With It.

Lisa Battisti
by Lisa Battisti
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Hometalk said...hey...do something with an old mug that you have.
So I went to Michaels and spent $6 on some odds and ends. Most of the stuff I already had. I was thinking....how could this mug be used as a small centerpiece or given as a gift etc... Like someone in the hospital that has only a small area to display.
I wrapped the mug with jute ribbon. Then I filled mug with some 1/2 marbles that I had.
I printed a saying and then glued on 1/2 marble with magnet.
I glued a skewer on the metal flower from Michaels (2 in a pkg for $1.49 with your 50% coupon). These little magnets fit perfectly in center of flower.
Magnet on flower
Then I bought those 1 piece little gatherings....like they have at Christmas and Easter and EVERY holiday at Michaels. What is nice is, the jute can stay the same, the insert changes and you can either keep flower and change saying or get a different metal insert.
This took me 10 minutes or less to make. I wrapped the handle with Tulle (really wanted to bust it off lol)
Suggested materials:
  • Tacky Glue and E6000   (Michaels)
  • Jute ribbon, flowers, magnets   (Michaels)
  • 1/2 marbles   (Dollar store)
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