Old Picture Frame to Fabulous Tray for Under $7

by Bev21722843
2 Materials
12 Hours
Paint the frame your choice of color, add rope handles (or the handles of your choice)... I used rope because this frame was curved...I turned the picture over so that it didn’t show...add candles or whatever decor you like!
Old oval picture with glass
I taped off the glass (probably would have been easier to take the glass out) but it still wasn’t difficult
3 different paint colors
3 colors of paint dry brushed around the red painted frame to add interest and small pops of color throughout (you could use a single color of your choice)
Add handles of your choice
I drilled 4 holes to ad the handles (adding these handles were a little tricky because after you have put the first side on you have to screw the loose end on from the back so as not twist the rope) I know that probably has you scratching your head 🙄🤔 but trust me if you try using rope handles you will find that the first side goes on fine from the front, but the remaining screw has to be put on pretty much from the back alone. It’s not difficult. I had to have someone hold the top part of the screw with players while I screwed the bottom bolt on the back of the picture to tighten it ☺️
Reassemble picture
turn the picture over and use the back side for your tray bottom (or paint or mod podge over the picture) and reassemble the entire thing
Finished product!
set your new tray on your coffee table (or wherever you are wanting to use it) and put your pretty things on it! Ta-Da! ☺️
Suggested materials:
  • Old picture frame, paint, rope handles   (Already had the paint and frame but you can get this type of acrylic paint at any craft or department store, rope handles purchased at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale...so $2.49 a piece!)
  • Your own candles or trinkets   (Luminara Candles from QVC...light up candlesticks from Walmart)
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