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Missy Burch
by Missy Burch
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30 Minutes
For this week's challenge it asked to upgrade something with just paint only. Well I just updated my gallery wall with just a coat of paint on some of the frames & here are the results. Sadly this is very bittersweet. The focal point is a large collage of my dog Skittles, who passed away today. She was suffering from heart failure. She had a series of strokes, then a heart attack. So this post will be a tribute to her as well. She managed to make it through Hurricane Harvey with us like a little trooper, but just gave out on us today. I am utterly devastated to say the least.
My mismatched gallery wall. Sorry for the terrible angle. I have a very narrow hallway & can't get a pic of it straight forward. As you can see most of the frames are black, so I will chalk paint the odd ones to match, including the large acrylic one. This is a super easy project that will take very little time & effort. taping the glass will take the most effort. You can take apart the frames if you want too- I prefer to just tape it off.
Ugly brown, mismatched frames.
More ugly, brown mismatched frames & the one acrylic one- all will be chalk painted.
All taped off, painted & drying.
All taped off, painted & drying.
Finished gallery wall.
Another view of our gallery wall.
This is Skittles, our little girl we lost today.
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint   (michael's(on hand))
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