New Look for Generic Ceiling Light

by Melissa
We have this light in the front door entry that I have disliked for years. It was here when we bought our house. It worked so didn't need to be fixed and wasn't high on the list of things to replace. Every little while I would look at it and try to decide what type of light I would replace it with but that was as far as it went. Until recently when back the end of March I decided to just try painting it!
It is the gold finish that I dislike the most. I'm really not a fan of the shiny, glittery look. I forgot to get a before pic of it on the ceiling. This is after we took it down and it was on the kitchen table.
Rust-oleum has become one of my new favorites! So many colors, textures, finishes and fun to be had! I chose a paint/primer for metal so I could just spray and go.
Used Saran to wrap the bolt and light fixture on the inside to keep from spraying it black too.
Took it outside and sprayed it lightly twice, letting it dry in between. (That picket is another project I was doing at the same time. You can ignore it!)
Let it sit overnight for good measure and then had my husband reattach it (aka-struggle with very short, splayed wires and fume about this project).
At first, i was afraid it was going to be noticeably dimmer and considered taking it down again (insert dirty look from husband here) and painting it silver on the inside to help reflect more light.
However, I left it and over the past few months it has been fine. And no more gold, so I am happy!
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