Pen and Ink Rooster.

Diane Forte Barfield
by Diane Forte Barfield
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4 Hours
I love roosters. I attended Jacksonville State University in Alabama and our mascot was the gamecock. I'm not a fan of putting them everywhere but I have always wanted one for the wall. Every gift shop has them, but they are WAY beyond my budget...soooo. I thought maybe I could create one.
I found 2 large wooden frames at our church tag sale for $1.00 each! I bought a 50 ft. Roll of chicken wire for $7.00! I mean, this will make lots of things.
I suggest that if you are working with wire you get a good pair of wire snips. I actually saw a video online where a woman was doing a tutorial and using scissors to cut wire. It took her forever and the audience kept commenting about it. Proper tools are important.
I stapled the wire onto the frame. I hate my staple gun and can't wait to get a new one.
I always trim and tuck all the wire ends. I cannot stand getting stuck and I don't want anyone else to either.
I originally was going to paint the rooster so I cut a board and covered it with burlap. But then I changed my mind and just used the board. I chalk painted it. You could use a canvas, etc. I cut mine so that there is space between the frame and the art.
I found an image I liked online. Printed it, and traced just the outline onto my board. Then I filled in the drawing with pen and ink. I did drawings years ago, but hadn't in a while. It takes patience and time.
I added a stencil ( a gift from Hometalk) and lettering. I attached the wood to the chicken wire with hot glue.
Because I left the space, my coffee colored wall shows through. He looks so good over my counter.
I found this vase at a thrift store for $2.00 and the little blue rooster at an antique store. I am proud of how it turned out.
Suggested materials:
  • I used thin plywood, chicken wire, picture frame, stencil, art pen, chalk paint.   (I got everything at local stores and tag sales.)
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