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Lizz - Red - Redzz Redos!
by Lizz - Red - Redzz Redos!
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My boss had a party to go to and needed a gift. She didn't know the person very well and knew I did different projects as a hobby. She asked me to come up with some ideas. I knew she wanted the gift personalized without spending a fortune. I needed it to be a quick project as I work a full time job. 50+ hrs. a week. So I thought a monogrammed cutting board.

She thought the cutting board was a great idea and gave me an idea as to the shape and size board she wanted. I picked up this one and picked out the font and size I thought would work for the project. I tried a different technique for transferring the image to wood.

If was really easy and quick and came out perfect the first try. Now it was time to practice my Pyrography again. I picked a fine wood burning tip and burned the outline first.

Then I wanted to fill in the letters to give it some depth and texture. I tried a bunch of different tips and techniques. I ended up burning dots into the wood. I thought it went well with the curves of the letters and board.

Then all I had left to do was oil it with mineral oil and it was done.

I was a little hesitant giving it to my boss as she was going to give it as a gift. I was worried it looked like the work of a child. We are our worst critics.

My Boss thought it turned out great and the person it was given to as a gift loved it! I was happy!

Suggested materials:
  • Core bamboo cutting board $10   (Home store)
  • Food grade Mineral Oil   (Smith's Grocery store)
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  • Diana Watson Oakley Diana Watson Oakley on Sep 17, 2016
    What was your technique for transferring the image to wood?

  • Moosie Moosie on Sep 17, 2016
    How did you do the transfer? I just started wood burning, and there's so much I don't know!

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