Pet Food Storage Solution

by Jasmin
She needed something small-ish for her entry, to sit on and store her cats food in. A little finesse here and some pizazz there and BAM! Done and in her new home! A most fabulous lil lassie came into the store and I noticed her looking at a few things but didn't seem to have that AHA moment. I questioned what she was looking for and she said, something to put in my front entry, something I can sit on, but yet hide my cats food in. We sat for a few minutes looking at pieces and pondering and going over decor colours and choices. She wasn't finished the area yet, so opted for natural wood. The measurement of the space was pretty small, so most of the larger things I carry weren't working. She left it with me along with some fabric and I went on the mission. Luckily, I hoard crates! (trunks and crates are my secret obsession) I also have a fab box of cute feet stored in my attic. ( Ok, now that can sound very very weird if not used in context haha) Here is what I came up with. visit us on facebook for our never ending repurposing fun.
Here she is. Done. Brought back to life with a little mixed waxed makeover
In her new home
a little "bling" for the top natural wood to match the base and cute design to match the fabric she brought in.
The old crate before her makeover
The original stamping
the added feet
the hinged top
cute little close up
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  • Cherie Cherie on Mar 05, 2015
    Beautiful! And I could use it for sure with all my cats! If they get hold of a bag, it's history! Right now I'm using an old popcorn tin but this would be perfect!

  • Esmee Shunikian Esmee Shunikian on Nov 10, 2015
    Lovely ,but be careful dry pet food attracts moths. I have six wool sweaters to prove it . Try to keep it in well closed containers ( glass or metal) . They seem to arrive with the food ( they seem to be already there when you get it in the store... Just so you are warned...