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I wanted an acoustic speaker to work with my IPhone. I keep a case on my phone and the speakers you can buy wont work with a case so I decided to make one for myself.
The first thing I did was to determine the thickness of the phone with the case on it. I could then plane some wood down to that thickness. 
I marked out the width of the phone and the position of the speaker. 

I then cut a channel in the wood for the sound to pass through. This meant cutting the wood into two pieces but it will all get sandwiched between more wood later. 
I could glue the two piece that will make the channel into a backing piece of wood.
The top of the sandwich could then be glued on and clamped into place. 
Wile I waited for the glue to dry, I made the base for the speaker. I found I scrap of the same wood and using a router cut a nice profile on the edge of it. 
I wanted the phone to lean back in the stand at an angle. So when the glue had dried I cut a angle on the bottom of the piece. 
There was a square hole on the side of the block where the channel for the sound came out. I wanted to attach some copper pipe to it so I drilled a 15mm hole, making the hole round. 
I cut a small length of pipe and tapped it into the hole.
To the pipe I attached a 90’ bend and then pipe reducers. Each one would widen the aperture and make a funnel shape. As no water or gas was passing through these pipes I glued them together with some epoxy. 
I gave it a coat of Danish oil and what was it all done. 

Thats it all done. Please watch my video for more information. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe to my YouTube channel for a new project every week. 
Suggested materials:
  • Copper pipe fittings
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