Plain Glass Bottles Into Pretty Keepsakes!

by Jessie
4 Materials
1 Hour
So my girlfriend Gigi knows how much I love crafting, so when she found 2 boxes of these little glass bottles, she snatched them up for me!! Thanks Gigi!
We are throwing a Great Gatsby themed party in September this year for our annual mother daughter reunion and wanted to make some pretty keepsakes for each woman.. this was my inspiration...
I didn't expect to but today I found these beautiful crystal glass toppers at an antique store and snatched them up & got some old costume jewelry I had and got to work!
I cleaned the bottle with rubbing alcohol and before it flashed off, I spray painted the bottle wth silver spray paint. I was hoping to get a bit of a mercury glass effect..
then, I simply used my imagination, hot glue and bling!!
TIP: use twizzers to carefully put your bling in place, and to pull off and sticky glue strings that remain...
ANOTHER TIP: some of the stoppers were too small, so just line the inside of the bottle neck with hot glue, let it dry before placing the stopper in the neck and it will fit snugly.
VOILA!!I love the end result... I have 18 more to make and each one will be unique!!icon Whaddaya think???
Suggested materials:
  • Glass bottles   (Spray paint)
  • Stick on bling   (Costume jewelry)
  • Hot glue
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  • Jessie Jessie on Aug 31, 2017
    Thanks so much!

  • Jessica Serrano-Gregg Jessica Serrano-Gregg on Feb 07, 2018
    so vintage and certainly Has the 20’s vibe! I think these would be awesome for my friends wedding as centerpieces and incorporation of the table numbers! im picturing these somehow incorporated with something like your beaded lamp... hmmm... any thoughts? Lol she’s doing a great gatsby 20’s theme more like your style with pearls and bling... I think i would call her vision “vintage shabby romance 20’s Style“ lol

    • Jessie Jessie on Feb 07, 2018
      Sounds fabulous !! Def lots of crystals and pearl... she can probably find old candelabras at goodwills and crystal bottles and vases.. those that are too tarnished can be spray painted... then just drop the pearls and crystals and she’s got a beautiful centerpicee!!