Plain White Paper Bags Turned Into Nice Gift Bags

by Knelso18
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For my job, I deal with new moms. We give them a knitted purple hat for the baby to remind them of the program called Period of Purple. In a nutshell it is to remind parents that all babies cry, and when frustrated place baby in a safe place and walk away, vs hurging or shaking your baby.
I work for a nonprofit and have to think outside the box sometimes and doing things on a budget.
i wanted to give the hats and program information in a bag, all we had was plain white paper bags.
Then I received a package from Hometalk, and inside was a stencil. It was begging me to use it. And I thought I will stencil on the front of the bags with purple paint. Cheap but looks nice.
1.00 bottle of purple paint, white paper bags and then labels to close the bags. And of course all these cute homemade knotted hats that were donated...
Plain bags.
I started with green paint, but then thought, why green?!? Changed to purple.
Laid the stencil on the front of the bag. Always aligning the top with the top of the bag. I like things to all look the same!
Finished stenciled bags... ready to be filled. I left them to dry for about 30 minutes on my kitchen table. I used acrylic paint so dried very fast. Used a sponge to dab the pain on The stencil. Used very little paint.
Took 1 hour to stencil 100 bags.
Newborn hats ready to be put in the new bags I made. I will be proud to hand over to new parents...
Suggested materials:
  • Hats donated from Period of Purple   (Project CLICK)
  • White paper bags   (Walmart)
  • Acrylic paint-purple   (Walmart)
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