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by Kimberley's Joy
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My neighbor put a plant stand out to the trash and I decided to rescue it. Rust had developed in several corners, some decorative metal was bent, chipped scratched etc and one important piece had completely lifted from the rust beneath.

As with most projects I start, I have no experience just a desire to try. Sometimes the project process "sounds good in my head" (Jeff laughs at me because I apparently, with hands on hips say this often) doesn't go as planned causing me to reassess then try something different to achieve my goals.

Plant Stand before. Rusted & misshapen

Several of the decorative loops were bent out of shape and had rust but thankfully they were able to be easily repaired.

1. Using needle nose pliers I was able to reshape the bent metal.

2. File rusted areas. I realized the rust was only on the surface, the metal was ok so using various files from (Jeff's) kit- *thanks honey* I was able to remove the rusted spots without much difficulty.

Rusted corners before repair

3. Using files and medium grit sandpaper I removed the remaining rust and chipped paint down to the metal as well as scuffed the paint in preparation for new paint.

Clamp holding repaired area until dry

4. Repair lifted areas. After sanding was completed I applied a liberal amount of liquid nails, put a clean board on top to help weigh it down & lay flat, then clamped it in place with a Dollar Tree clamp.

Another view of the area being repaired. The tiny loop in front was also broken away from the base. I had alot more difficulty repairing it then the flat area.

5. Time to paint. Using paints appropriate for multiple surfaces (indoor, outdoor, metal, ceramic...) I applied a coat of Matte Black mixed with a bit of purple shimmer to the legs and support areas.

Because I can't just use one color I decided to highlight the flower and vine areas in orange, purple and green.

View of the completed decorative area.

Once the liquid nails dried the clamp & board were removed and I painted the remaining areas in the matte black mixture.

This is the finished product

After everything was painted I took it outside and sprayed it liberally with a clear triple thick protective coating.

*we had all tools and supplies on hand but even if we hadn't this would've been an inexpensive rehab*

Suggested materials:
  • 3M 150 Grit Sand Paper   (Lowes)
  • File
  • Clamp   (Dollar Tree)
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