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Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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Like many people out there, I enjoy having painted wood as a backdrop. I also like a wood floor for my photo but currently we have carpeting. So, I have a little backdrop that I use for shooting photos of my Hometalk projects and when it is not in use, it stores neatly in a small area of my dining room. icon I move these materials quite easily all around my house and room to room. When I get some spare time, I want to create more wall options and and floor options. Feel free to comment on ideas you would like to see or do!

The floor of my backdrop is made from Ikea bed slats. 3 of my children now have different beds so I have a surplus of wood Ikea bed slats. Each slat is about 3 1/4 inches wide and 26 1/2 inches long. If you use the slats from Ikea, I find you don't need to sand. You are good to go. I just cut off the canvas strapping. If you want to use regular wood boards, that works too.

My floor sits on two 2 by 4's cut to 31 inches long. Here, I have it on storage tubs but usually it is on my dining room table. I drilled two 1/2 inch holes in the end of each. These will hold 4 dowels which hold my faux planks. My wall planks are 48 inches long so I could move these farther apart if I wanted. I would need longer floor boards than I am currently using. Maybe some time in the future, I will change the floor boards.

Here is a close up of the holes. The space between the holes is equal to the thickness of the wall planks. I cut my 1/2 inch thick dowels to 24 inches in length. I bought two 48 inch dowels and cut them in half. That is how tall your wall will be.

This is what it looks like unassembled. I use Timeline Wood Planks from Home Depot but Amazon sells them too. They are about $40 for six 48 inch planks. In this picture you can see that the dowels get farther apart at the top. I use rubber bands at the top of each to hold them tightly together.

I stack the planks between the dowels and set the floor planks in front. I have some natural floor boards and some painted boards. I mix them up for different looks.

icon  icon Close enough and you don't know it is fake. icon  icon

One plank has a picture hanger in it and when I need to hang something, I use that plank near the top. icon

Other floor combos...

Sometimes, a blue floor board gives a rustic look.

Many different looks from the boards pictured. I can use all natural wood boards, all painted, or a combination of the two.

When I am done, it stores compactly in a corner.

It really doesn't require a lot of space to store it. I know a lot of people work with wallpaper as backgrounds and that works great too. Sometimes I clip paper to to the top and bring it down across the floor for a seamless smooth background. I am saying the total project cost $40 because I only had to buy the Timeline Skinnies. I had every else on hand.

For a really rustic look, I even like the flip side of the Timeline Skinnies. Here it is at a distance...

and here it is up close...

The gray background entirely changes the look of the wreath.

I am curious... how many of you would use a backdrop?

Have a great day!

Your fellow Hometalker,

icon Stacy icon

I love ❤️ creating vignettes with this backdrop.
Suggested materials:
  • Timeline Skinnies, White   (Home Depot)
  • Wood Slats   (Ikea)
  • 4 Dowel Rods 1/2 inch - 23 inches long   (Craft Store)
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  • Feekie Feekie on Apr 04, 2017
    This is such a good idea! I'm embarrassed to say that I've never thought of using a "professional" backdrop to showcase my finished projects for photos. Once completed, this backdrop could enhance the appearance of a finished project from just "so-so" to spectacular -- well, close to it anyway.

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