Asked on Dec 02, 2013

Bathroom fixture question

by Rashid
I've attached a picture of a towel ring that is in one of the bathrooms on the home we are purchasing. There should be two of these but one is missing. I've tried searching Amazon and Home Depot websites but could not find a matching one. Does any one recognize/know what brand this is?
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  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Dec 03, 2013
    Check, "Bed, Bath and Beyond". Also if you can't find the matching one they are fairly inexpensive and only a little screw holds this on... replace this one with a new set.

  • Rashid Rashid on Dec 03, 2013
    Thanks Debbie, I've checked Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Lowe's etc. I'll take a look at the manufacturer when we take possession of the house. It is part of a matching set that include towel bars and faucets. I looked through Kohler and Moen websites too and didn't see this set. Might be a discontinued set.

  • D Lawless Hardware D Lawless Hardware on Dec 03, 2013
    We don't carry towel bars and that stuff, but we do carry a lot of discontinued stuff. The best way to find that piece is going to be hopefully finding a number on the back and googling that in all it's different forms. It's doubtful to have a number though. If you get the manufacturer, try searching google with the maunfacturers name, the word "discontinued", all sorts of different combos. From my experience, a lot of discontinued stuff is out there, it's just hard to find so you have to try a lot of different keywords. Also, check google images each time as sometimes the search results will not be fruitful, but you'll find a picture it and can click through from there.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Dec 03, 2013
    Try this link... They may have what you are looking for. Gary

  • Bonnie Kirschner Bonnie Kirschner on Dec 03, 2013
    When I remodeled my bathroom 4 years ago, the bought fixtures like that were Moen & were being discontinued. I became to hate that frosted part about 3 months (half as long as it took to remodel my bathroom). They always came loose!

  • Jody H Jody H on Dec 03, 2013
    Why should they "match"? I think the off set look of two types may be pretty. Maybe a square style of the same size will be interesting.

  • Rashid Rashid on Dec 04, 2013
    They should match because of the OCD :) Gary I tried that link and didn't see they have it. When we take possession of the house in couple of weeks I'll take off the existing one to see what brand it is. I will probably just buy an entirely new set and replace with

  • If you find yourself replacing the existing fixture, make sure you go with a good quality replacement for the pair as they will get a lot of use. The inexpensive models aren't worth the wrapping they come in.

    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 04, 2013
      @Hewitt Remodeling Services LLC So true. I bought top of the line bathroom fixtures as we began to replace them (43 years in the same house) an it has paid off! Of course they are lifetime guaranteed fixtures in brass that everyone is changing out now...NOT ME! These fixtures were expensive years ago so I can only imagine what they would cost now! I also bought expensive towel holders...I have the one pictured in solid brass...gonna keep it!

  • Cindy tustin Cindy tustin on Dec 04, 2013
    One place I always check is EBay have found lots of ones that complete a pair. Recently found a vintage ceiling light globe was inexpensive.

  • Ann S Ann S on Dec 04, 2013
    after you purchase the house just replace with new ones and put this one somewhere else like the laundry room if you still want to keep it

  • Kathryn Zomer Kathryn Zomer on Jan 04, 2014
    It looks like a set we bought at Costco about 2 years ago.