How can I display about a dozen pairs of pillow cases?

by Bev

How can I display about a dozen pairs of pillow cases that my grandmother embroidered?

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  • Patricia Patricia on Jan 15, 2019

    You can hang them over a curtain rod in a window as a valance

  • Cristine Schwartzberg Cristine Schwartzberg on Jan 15, 2019

    I have a couple of decorative quilts displayed on curtain rods. Would that work for the pillow cases. I have the rods hung horizontally with one on top of the other with two feet between the rods. Then I folded the quilts to show case the center panels where my aunt embroidered my parents' names and wedding date. I used Shaker-style wooden rods to go with the decor in that room. There are curtain rods in a variety of styles

  • Kate Kate on Jan 15, 2019


  • Terri Terri on Jan 15, 2019

    Hi Bev,

    I had the same dilemma, adding approx. 40 hankies from around the world given to my Grandmother.

    I wanted to pass this down in the family.

    I chose a beautiful blanket and embroidered them in an arrangement.

    Of course I had to put a "special block" in the middle commemorating her life and legacy.

    A priceless gift to pass down the family tree!

    I hope this helps!! 😊

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 15, 2019

    You can put them in frames, folded to show the embroidery part, or you can put them on extra pillows on the bed and remove them from the beds before you go to sleep so they will stay in good shape. You could also make a bed cover with them to display them on your bed.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 21, 2019

    I follow Nancy's advice, by placing them on beds, but not using those particular pillows, nightly, thus maintaining the embroidery/pillowcases.

    If your household isn't hard on things, these cases can be used. Treat them gently when washing.