Asked on May 23, 2013

I knew I should have taken a different route home.

Frankie Laney
by Frankie Laney
But, I didn't. I drove right past the vintage shop and turned around and yes, I went in the shop. Lo and behold, this is what I walked out with. Never mind that I haven't even started on the vintage chaise or the wonderful crate! But tell me, would you have left this in the store? Now comes the I leave it as is or shall I paint? I'm thinking I'll use in the lanai. It's a pretty sturdy piece and vintage for sure. I would say 40s or 50s. I think it looks good as is, but wanted to get some opinions. Thanks.
i knew i should have taken a different route home, painted furniture, I love the design
I love the design
i knew i should have taken a different route home, painted furniture, the middle part
the middle part
i knew i should have taken a different route home, painted furniture, I draped behind to show the design not so great
I draped behind to show the design, not so great.
i knew i should have taken a different route home, painted furniture, In front of the fence not much better
In front of the fence, not much better
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  • Susan Susan on May 23, 2013

  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on May 23, 2013
    I like it the way it is .

  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on May 23, 2013
    Great find! Depending on my color theme in the room would determine spray painting or not. For my place black or purple would be my choice.

  • Jayme Jayme on May 23, 2013
    Love, love, love your find. I like it just the way it is. Design is beautiful.

  • Marisa Saletnik Marisa Saletnik on May 23, 2013
    Love it!

  • Sia@South 47th Sia@South 47th on May 24, 2013
    Love it as it is! I want to go shopping with you! Great find! xo

  • Kate Kate on May 24, 2013
    Great find! Why not just try living with it, as is, for a while. Put several potted plants (a big fern would be lovely) at the base and see how you like it - you can always paint it later.

  • Kate Kate on May 24, 2013
    One more thing: I actually like it with the drape behind it - then you could use it to create a nice shady spot when or where you want one! Just sayin...

  • Yvonne McKinley Yvonne McKinley on May 24, 2013
    I agree with Kate....that's what I would do....maybe in green or white...just glue a piece of material behind each panel. It would be great on a Patio or even in the house as a divided area.

  • Yvonne McKinley Yvonne McKinley on May 24, 2013
    I would leave it as is also.

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 24, 2013
    I've decided to leave it as is. If you look at the" middle" picture you can see the green on the elephants and on the palm trees., I love it! I think I might need to wipe it down with some oil or something, It has a bit of rust on the screen part. Is there a product that might work better?? This one wasn't cheap so I want to take good care of it.

  • Debby Debby on May 24, 2013
    Since you mentioned some green (patina) on the elephant why not create a little more patina around the edges to give it a little color but not overwhelming and enhance the age of the piece. For the rust check out a product called penetrol.

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 24, 2013
    Debby, thank you very much for the info. I love the idea of enhancing the green. Isn't there a rub on product? I seem to remember seeing something at one time.

  • Therese C Therese C on May 24, 2013
    I like the looks of it as is.....send it to I would not paint it unless it was done in very old looking brass finish

  • Gayle Coberly Gayle Coberly on May 24, 2013
    I would not paint it if it were me. I think adding patina to it would be great but I would hesitate to do more. What a great find.

  • Meg D Meg D on May 24, 2013
    I'd keep it just the way it is - cool find!

  • Cheryl Campbell Cheryl Campbell on May 24, 2013
    it has a wonderful patina! leave it as is!

  • Dawn Dave Beardmore Dawn Dave Beardmore on May 24, 2013
    I think leave it as it is. It is lovely and I think doing anything to it would take away its charm.

  • Chris Heins Chris Heins on May 24, 2013
    If I change it, because really I can't get the full impact from the picture, I would do the screen part and leave the top, middle, bottom and the trees as is. The screen would be lighter, like a bamboo or golden oak color. Something that will draw the eye to it without going over the top or screaming at you.

  • Michelle Parker Michelle Parker on May 24, 2013
    i think I would leave it as is but paint certain items to make them pop like the leaves of the trees.

  • Cheryl Peterson Cheryl Peterson on May 24, 2013
    It is strictly up to you taste if it were me that owned it i would paint it with several colors to highlight all the details

  • Dawn Clunas Dawn Clunas on May 24, 2013
    i would paint the mid parts off white and leave the outside the way it is

  • Christine S Christine S on May 24, 2013
    I love this! What a find! I would probably leave it as is, at least for now. You can always paint later, if you decide to. Definitely up to your taste..

  • Debbie P Debbie P on May 24, 2013
    leave it..beautiful the way it is!

  • Terry Harris Terry Harris on May 24, 2013
    I started painting all my plant pots and garden art and it makes everything look fantastic in the garden. I had left a lot of things rustic also, but now that they are painted Im glad I did!

  • Pamela C Pamela C on May 24, 2013
    If you got it cheap and it isn't for selling just for you paint it whatever color you want but I think the value if any in the antique part of it will be ruined if you paint it.

  • Robin Robin on May 24, 2013
    It is a great find and would leave it as it is.

  • Joan Berrios Joan Berrios on May 24, 2013
    how much Did you pay? In case we find one and don't want to over pay!

  • Joan Berrios Joan Berrios on May 24, 2013
    gorgeous - leave as is and not outside to the elements!

  • Mary Peters Mary Peters on May 24, 2013
    Mary Niesen Peters Hope you will leave it. It's beautiful, just the way it is. <3

  • Patsy W Patsy W on May 24, 2013
    My Vote, leave as is...just saw a post about reviving rusty items using "boiled linseed oil" [that is the way it is sold]. I would research that route. Piece is stunning! Patsy White

  • Peggie Anderson Peggie Anderson on May 24, 2013
    Clean it up so it shines and put some material behind it in a color that accents the room it's in. This way you can change the color when ever you want without damaging that beautiful piece.

  • Sandy Phillips Sandy Phillips on May 24, 2013
    I wouldn't paint it. It's beautiful just as it is. You don't want to ruin the beautiful vintage quality...

  • Annreevesharpe Annreevesharpe on May 24, 2013
    I would leave it as a few just said drape some fabric over it, or use it as a room divide, what ever you do it is a beautiful piece, I love the color just as is

  • Mary Singleton Mary Singleton on May 24, 2013
    Leave it alone! If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • Patricia H Patricia H on May 24, 2013

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 24, 2013
    Hi Joan Berrios. I paid $125 for it. The seller called it antique, but in my mind it's vintage. You should have seen it sticking out the window of my Miata! I'll tell you, I can carry just about anything in that little "red runt" (my license tag) Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get the very large cement poodle out of the trunk!! The guy loaded, but guess I'll have to whine to one of my neighbors to help.

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 24, 2013
    I do need to ask your advice on what product to use to attach one of the finials from the top. It was broken when I purchased, hence the "low" price. Is there a metal glue or other product. Metal is not my area of expertise :-{

    • P.j. C P.j. C on Jul 15, 2014
      @Frankie Laney J B Weld makes an epoxy that bonds metals. It's available online & in some hardware/lumber stores.

  • Susan Leslie Susan Leslie on May 24, 2013
    It should be illegal to alter something like this.....the patina is what makes it desireable..."DON"T PAINT THIS BEAUTY"! ! !

  • Susan Leslie Susan Leslie on May 24, 2013
    If you have the finial, I am sure you can find someone to fix it...It is worth having it done right.......I don't think there is metal glue, nor do I think you should use glue. Please don't paint it or use any wax or varathane(any coating will effect the natural patina and value) Leave it.....Leave it....Leave it.......PLEASE ! ! !

  • Judy Judy on May 24, 2013
    Nice! I think it depends on what you want in the end, an where you are going to put it. If it were me, and I really like a lot of color I would paint it, but if you are after the antique look I would leave it alone if there isn't any rust.

  • T Vaughn T Vaughn on May 24, 2013
    Frankie, if you can't get anyone that could weld tack the finial on for you, you might try a product called J-B Weld. It's suppose to be pretty strong stuff and for any surface and any type project. My husband and sons use it all the time.

  • Wendy Tuthill Wendy Tuthill on May 24, 2013
    Oh please don't paint it!!! Clean it up a bit, but don't strip it,,, just mild soap and water, then dry thoroughly so it doesn't rust. Then put some kind of wax or protective coating on it. If you decide to paint it,, CALL me, I will buy it from you to keep you from committing a crime against a beautiful vintage piece. I would die to have this in my house. Thank you for posting this.

  • Wendy Tuthill Wendy Tuthill on May 24, 2013
    if this were mine, I would use gorilla glue or E6000, which you can get either one of them in a Michael's or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's.

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 24, 2013
    Touia thanks for the good advice. The finial broke off really smooth and I don't think I will have an issue with it getting knocked off. I think I will try the J-B Weld and see how that works.

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 24, 2013
    Wendy Tuthill, I am not going to paint it. I will give it a good cleaning and then use a wax to shine it up.

  • Debra Graves-Null Debra Graves-Null on May 24, 2013
    leave it as is. When it comes to stuff like this, condition is everything. You paint it and you kill its value. Also, do not polish it up either. Taking away its patina ruins the value as well. It is beautiful as it is. also do not use the JB weld on it. It will ruin the value, Get it done by a professional, that way it will keep its value and will not look like ti has been "fixed"

    • P.j. C P.j. C on Jul 15, 2014
      @Debra Graves-Null Lots of professionals use J B Weld to bond metal to metal.

  • Carmel Carroll Carmel Carroll on May 24, 2013
    I would leave it I think, maybe clear varnish it, but I think it is beautiful. I would have bought it. CC

  • Nancy G Nancy G on May 24, 2013
    Beautiful. Would love to have it. Being vintage I wouldn't paint it at all. You'll ruin it.

  • Cheri Cheri on May 24, 2013
    Paint it any way you want it!!

  • Rosalie M Rosalie M on May 24, 2013
    I personally like it as is. Depending where you want to use it. There may be some places where it would look better painted, as long as it doesn't affect the value, if any. I'd have it appraised first. I love the piece.

  • Lyn Lyn on May 24, 2013
    I like it the way it is. It's gorgeous!

  • Susan Fowler Susan Fowler on May 24, 2013
    Do NOT paint this awesome screen, painting would ruin any antique value it has!!! And ruin the charm too.........

  • Cora Cora on May 25, 2013
    I would leave it as is but if you wanted to add color get some sheer curtains for the back of it put on tight,or the color paper like on the chinese screens

  • Nagham Ashkuri Nagham Ashkuri on May 25, 2013
    It's beautiful but you should paint it just to add your personal touch to it and make it your own masterpiece...

  • Joan Berrios Joan Berrios on May 25, 2013
    Frankie! I am so excited for you. I appreciate you telling me the price -- it is so beautiful. Don't know about the finial reapplication. Do you have a metal worker or welder that you know or can contact - ck them out === maybe you can have someone solder it back on -- a pro. I loved your comment about the Miata! I have a 2 seater T Bird and you should see the stuff I have to cart == I'm a realtor! I have to put the top down and hold my signs when I go to post them in yards b/c the trunk is too small as well! HAHA!! I feel your "Junk Spirit Garbage Picking" mind problem = How in the world will I get that home!!! HAHA.

  • Joan Berrios Joan Berrios on May 25, 2013
    Frankie -- my latest find yesterday! I was going to BBsit my newest grandson and I was early -- drove down the block and found this garage sale. Found this GORGEOUS over 50+ yr old Rice Paper Hand Painted 6' diameter Umbrella that was $10. Now what do I do with it! Had to have it and my hubby is hysterical bc we have no room for it in the house bc it needs a base to stand up to open! JUST LOVE IT -- love oriental! So I have it sitting in my living room against a wall unopened === your thoughts! I was going to use it outside ONLY when I was sitting out there but too fragile b/c it has a few rips in the paper -- a good wind will blow it apart! OH well. I will love it as is for now I guess. Wanted to share that with you! OH forgot to mention it was from Japan originally where she lived with her hubby while he was in the service.

  • Donna Cox Donna Cox on May 25, 2013
    like it as is

  • Connie S Connie S on May 25, 2013
    Oh yes, leave it. The color is magnificent!

  • La Kn La Kn on May 25, 2013
    Leave it! Anything else would ruin it.

  • Susan Leslie Susan Leslie on May 25, 2013
    If you use metal cleaner, it will remove the PATINA which gives it the antique charm. If you use anything besides a mild dish soap it may remove the patina. You have a GREAT FIND, Please sell it before you ever remove the patina or paint it. I wouldn't wax or use any kind of coating because it will interfere with the natural developement of the patina. If you decide to sell it, bring it to an antique dealer, and they will gladly take it as is but you should have the finial attatched, proffessionaly. I have spent a lot of time on discussing this gorgeous piece, but I feel very strongly about it. I am jealous that I didn't find it first. :)

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on May 25, 2013
    Joan Berrios, that parasol is a real beauty. Unless you have a large space I'm guessing you won't be able to leave it open. I've seen them suspended from a ceiling (a high one) and I don't think you should take it apart. However, I do like the look of it sort of open. I would be beautiful in an Asian style, or a tall black pot. You could prop it somehow to stand upright and give it a special space in your home. I really love it....and yes, I would have bought that baby!!

  • Joan Berrios Joan Berrios on May 25, 2013
    Frankie, LOL -- SPACE is the operative word here!! Thanks for your support!!

  • Christina Pennywise Christina Pennywise on May 25, 2013
    Love the screen! I completely relate to the wrong "route home" lol- I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  • Wendy Pierre Wendy Pierre on May 26, 2013
    leave it.......and send it to me PLEASE!!!!!

  • Denise Rankin Denise Rankin on Dec 12, 2013
    I like it the way it is but... I would need more color. You could paint only the raised parts with the appropriate colors; gray for the elephants, green for the foliage, brown for the tree trunks. I did this with a metal bed and it turned out gorgeous! You can get very detailed and it is fun! What ever you do best of luck!

  • Eleanor M Eleanor M on Dec 12, 2013
    If you can't make up your mind what to do with it, I would love to have that beauty, just as it is!!!!!

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Dec 12, 2013
    I like the idea of fabric behind it. I think it's lovely as is.

  • Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher on Dec 12, 2013
    I agree - I love it just the way it is. The patina is soft & beautiful.

  • Rebecca Duff Rebecca Duff on Dec 13, 2013
    I like it the way it is as well..I wouldn't do a thing to it! How neat of a find!!

  • Mary Swanson Mary Swanson on Dec 13, 2013
    Leave it alone. Perfect as is.

  • Deborah H Deborah H on Dec 14, 2013
    It's beautiful as it is.

  • Frankie Laney Frankie Laney on Dec 14, 2013
    It's staying as is. I've cleaned it really good, waxed it and now it looks really nice..thanks for all the great input.

  • Leona Zentner Leona Zentner on Dec 14, 2013
    so glad your leaving it as is.. I love it!! Wish I could find one like it , lol!!

  • Judy Judy on Jun 04, 2014
    Can't imagine why you would paint or otherwise change this fabulous retro piece. It is magnificent as it stands. Lucky, lucky you. :)