I'm needing some help determining the age of this framed photo please!

Junk Gypsee
by Junk Gypsee
I cannot determine if it is early, mid or late 1800's. It is the original photo and frame. I will be selling it but I would like to give the buyer correct information. Thanks oogles and bunches!! xoxo
i m needing some help determining the age of this framed photo please, home decor
i m needing some help determining the age of this framed photo please, home decor
i m needing some help determining the age of this framed photo please, home decor
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  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 23, 2013
    maybe look up" spool turned corner chair"looks like what that is... then you would be able to say it's no older than when that type furniture was 1st made...what an adorable picture & love the frame!

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 23, 2013
    Ahhh...thank you!! I went blank of the style..spool turned corner chair. Looking it up right now!! xoxo

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jun 23, 2013
    it could be from the 1800's but the dress and even the bows in the hair remind me of a pic of my grandmother from around 1915

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 23, 2013
    Junk Gypsee hold up and save your eyes a bit,I mis-spoke...look for beads or beading instead of spool turned... other key words could be curls/birdcage/wicker/Wakefield/Heywood/Bar Harbor/Ordway Bros(1890's)/Kelly Bros.from Gardner Mass.As far as I can tell in researching,(looked at LOTS of wicker furniture) that is either a photographer's corner chair or a chair used in a music room...early to mid 1800'S,most likely... sure hope this helps...

  • Michelle Eliker Michelle Eliker on Jun 23, 2013
    Good idea to use the furniture to determine the "no earlier than" date but use the hair and clothes to narrow it down to the actual date. Clothing styles change much more rapidly than furniture styles.

  • Patty A Patty A on Jun 23, 2013
    Why do I think it looks newer than that ? Good luck.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 23, 2013
    Found a similar frame,too,but your design looks older to me,idk,maybe not...trywww.etsy.com/listing93834727/vintage-tilt swing frame

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 23, 2013
    Thanks a bunch guys!! I'm on a researching roll now...xoxo

  • Sharon E. Hines Sharon E. Hines on Jun 23, 2013
    The photos remind me of a bunch of pictures my family has from my grandfather's side that are from the 1800's. Good luck on your search!

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 23, 2013
    You guys are awesome!! I have traced it down to approximately, at the latest, 1896 with all your help and advice. It's been a wonderful adventure learning about this piece I have coveted for so long. Now, what is it worth???

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 23, 2013
    Ah,bet you were the one that they kept warning me was"also watching this item"~HA~ well,that was fun,Junk Gypsee,and I learned a lot,too...PRICE!??? You didn't say nothing 'bout no price,Willis!!!And we never discussed my fee...hhhmmmm...$MILE$

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 24, 2013
    hahahah!!! I'll have to cut you in Sharon!! xoxo Seriously...thank you so much for your help..couldn't have done it without you! Do you take Discover Card? LOL

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 24, 2013
    If anyone has more information...or has a different opinion, would you please let me know. I will be selling this piece and I need to know what I'm talking about. xoxo

  • Jewell Jewell on Jun 24, 2013
    The frame, clothing, bows/hair styles match photos of my mom taken in the 1930's that I have up in my craft room. When I got out her baby/childhood photo book other photos even had the shoes matched.

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Jun 24, 2013
    something seems off to me about this photo, have you heard of Mourning Photography? the hands of the little girl who is seated seem odd.... it was very common in the 1800's to take photos of the dead with them propped up and eyes open because photographs were so rare and the mortality rate of children was so high, families would often get a photographer in to take a photo when a child was close to death... the hands are always sort of limp like that childs appear.... http://rodriguezk96.hubpages.com/hub/POST-MORTEM-PHOTOGRAPHY#

  • June June on Jun 24, 2013
    I was born in 1930 & this looks before that time. 1915 is a better guess. Good luck in your search. Hope no one in your family might want it! Before you sell it, you might want to check that out.

  • Kristi Campbell Coles Kristi Campbell Coles on Jun 24, 2013
    I have 2 picture frames just like it. Sharon, can you repost the link to your frame on etsy? And Cyndi, I went to your link and gotta say that is just creepy!!

  • Reinvented Collection Reinvented Collection on Jun 24, 2013
    If you would like I can take this up to my buddy who runs a 'junk store'. He has quite a few antique pieces in the back of his store and is extremely knowledgeable about the various wood and finishes used to specific eras. I'm on the east coast. Let me know and I can run up their tomorrow afternoon.

  • Sherri Sherri on Jun 25, 2013
    I have a pic of my mom same type dress and bow from the thirties but ur pic could b earlier.

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 25, 2013
    Olivia...I'm from Anchorage!! That would be awesome...really appreciate it a bunch. Everyone, I really am so grateful to all of you for your input. This piece does kind of haunt me but I can't help looking at it. Beautiful little girls..the paper and wood, both are tender and fragile so I've been trying to keep it out of the air. Olivia..it looks like it was green at some point..there are traces of color here and there. The photo paper is not heavy like some photos I have from 30's, which puzzles me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 26, 2013
    Dear Kristi C.C.... actually,I think you want to holler at Junk Gypsee... Her frame/pic... I was just an assistant investigator...and my hubby was born in Anchorage(May,1962,lived there 7 mths w/his Mom Dad,Big Brother)... his M&D moved back in 90's and so did his sis&family...Rushing &Genevieve Graham and William & Ruth Walker...Eagle River area...beautiful!!! And Junk Gypsee,if I ever get hubby to take me to Branson,you owe me only a glass of sweet tea!

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 26, 2013
    You've got it Sharon!! xoxo

  • Sandy Harmon Sandy Harmon on Jun 26, 2013
    The "swing frame" dates to the 1920's but the piece of furniture is more Victorian Era - mid to late 1800's. I would guess from the dress of the children - early 1900's. I know this doesn't pinpoint the date but we all use furniture and dress well beyond the inception of styles. With the 60's back in style (and thrift store chic) can you imagine the future generations trying to figure out the date of a current day photo? :-)

  • Junk Gypsee Junk Gypsee on Jun 27, 2013
    Thank you Sandy,,,kinda what I was beginning to think..older photography shop, swing frame 20's and the photo of someone's relatives..perhaps one of the children grown, who framed it? And...the thinner paper..although old, it's not the typical photo that would have been taken from the ones I've seen post 1900. Waiting for Olivia's friend to give an opinion...xoxo