Asked on Jan 02, 2016

Trying to determine when this vase is from...

Mickey Baron
by Mickey Baron
Can anyone help me find out the circa of this vase, pot, vessel? There is no stamp or number anywhere on it. It stands a ft. tall by 7" wide. The only noticeable stamping is the thumb indent on the bottom of each handle. Thanks in advance for any input.
q old vase, furniture id, painted furniture
q old vase, furniture id, painted furniture
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  • Marcia Espeland Marcia Espeland on Jan 03, 2016
    I have also heard that seams in glass bottles, etc, means they are machine made.

  • Snapoutofit Snapoutofit on Jan 03, 2016
    Once you know the name of the style maybe you can research it?

  • Rhonda Humphreys Rhonda Humphreys on Jan 04, 2016
    It also could be a piece that someone bought in greenware, cleaned themselves (hence the seams on the sides. They probably didn't clean them well enough) applied the glaze and then fired themselves. That doesn't make it less valuable-to me it makes it more valuable. I love that someone hand made it.

  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Jan 04, 2016
    I appreciate HOMETALK so much.

  • JC Sipes JC Sipes on Jan 04, 2016
    From one thriftier to another, you made a good find. I would have snapped it up at Goodwill, too. Value lies it how much you enjoy it regardless of age or maker.

  • Julie Moyna Julie Moyna on Jan 04, 2016
    Are there any marks on the bottom?

  • Tammie ellerbee Tammie ellerbee on Jan 04, 2016
    Pieces made in 2 separate pieces are newer! Need to see a pic of the bottom try to identify!

  • Teresa Teresa on Jan 07, 2016
    You might be able to take pictures of it & send it to Replacements,com & they can probably help identify it. Awesome people & you can probably get your answer quickly! I've sent them things asking for help to identify & they were more than willing. Take pictures of all sides, the thumb prints, the bottom & any distinguishing marks it may have & where you found it! I hope they can help you! Looking forward to see what you find out! Good Luck! Teresa

    • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Jan 07, 2016
      @Teresa Rolen I'll do that. I appreciate your help. Replacements. com. hmmm, never heard of it. I'll get back w/ you

  • Teresa Teresa on Jan 08, 2016
    You are welcome, I found a eight piece set of China in a Thrift store for $15. & it was beautiful & without a blemish. I looked & looked & someone told me send a picture into Replacement,com & within the hour they emailed with the information I need! God Bless!