What else do I need to finish decorating the rest of this wall?

by Mel
I just added these items and it feels as if something is missing. Please help?
q what else do i need to finish decorating the rest of this wall
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  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Jul 05, 2018
    I think the arrangement might have more punch - if it was sitting on a small stool or short table of some type.

    • Mel Mel on Jul 05, 2018

      Thanks Lisa! I can do that, just need to find a small table. I also thought of a small bench with pillows and lose the sticks.

  • Nicki Petruzzella Kerns Nicki Petruzzella Kerns on Jul 05, 2018
    Could you set the vase on a low table to raise it up a bit, perhaps enough to almost meet the bottoms of the brass plates? The table would then give balance to the items on the walls.

  • Brenda Brenda on Jul 05, 2018
    I agree with Lisa and Nicki. Right now it looks like an owl to me. :-)

    • Mel Mel on Jul 05, 2018

      That's funny Brenda. It does look like an Owl. Never looked at it that way :)

  • Heje Heje on Jul 29, 2018

    Perhaps a small table to move up sticks which are nice as they add an organic feel. Move the two brass scones more to one side with them off level with each other and add two other brass items that have a fabric texture included in them. You have a wonderful beginning just add some punch to it.

  • Emily Emily on Jul 29, 2018
    It would help if you photographed the whole wall, or even the whole room. Nothing decorative is in isolation. You are asking about the wall but showing only part of it. But just think what fun it is to do this . . . that is decorating, and how many different choices you can make! It is what makes housework and cleaning etc. worth it.

  • Deanna Maidwell Deanna Maidwell on Jul 29, 2018

    I would use a mirror surrounded by framed family pictures...

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jul 29, 2018
    Owl :) so funny. I'd suggest moving the right item closer to the left one at a lower level. (like 10 am & 4 pm on a clock). Add three wooden floating shelves to the right for displaying additional decor and move the sticks to the left side. Best of luck.

  • Mel Mel on Jul 30, 2018
    Thanks everyone for all of your great suggestions.

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Oct 04, 2021

    I would add a small narrow rectangular table beneath the candle sconces and add a little more to the table. The two sconces need to be hung a different heights - not in a row like they are.