Quick,Easy Light Shade Upcycle

Mandy Pfeifer
by Mandy Pfeifer
3 Materials
3 Minutes
From a basic wire, to a light shade fit for a princess in 3 minutes flat!
After cutting away a broken old light shade, I was left with just a basic wire. I don't have a before pic as I only decided to post this upcycle in retrospect. In the first pic though you can make out the basic frame. I had an idea that might work which only called for items I had on hand. ie ...
A fake rose garland with 9 roses.
2x 1 metre lengths of chandelier beads.
4x Magnetic butterflies.
Small piece of pink chiffon.
Small red and clear bead pendant.
I dressed the lamp in situ. I draped the garland over the frame, followed by the chandelier beads.The butterflies have a little magnet on the underside so they were easy to attach both on the wire frame and the metal links of the chandelier beads.I then tied on the piece of chiffon and attached the bead pendant.
This has been up a couple of months now but I still love looking at it!I hope you like this easy upcycle too!
Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic chandelier beads   (Ebay)
  • 9 flower rose garland   (Ebay)
  • Magnetic butterflies   (Ebay)
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