Raspberry Bracelet Macrame Plant Hanger

Ileen Stephens
by Ileen Stephens
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Just about anything macramé intrigues me. I really hope to make more time for more macramé projects... bigger macramé projects... very soon. ツ
The name for this plant hanger came from it's color and how the knots used remind me of the corded bracelets some wear.
Step 1: Start off by measuring and cutting the cord needed.
Step 2: Seal the ends so that your beautiful piece of work doesn't unravel on you later.
See the difference? Top is sealed. Bottom is not.
Step 3: Then pull cord through 2-inch ring, fold in half over ring, and secure with a wrapped knot. I found it rather neat how the wrapped knot was done and just how simple it was.
Step 4: A few inches down, attach cord to 4-inch ring using a double half hitch.
Step 5: The remainder of the hanger is made up of alternating sennits of square knots. Even the bottom, where you'd place the pot is secured with sennits of square knots
Step 6: You can cut and leave the ends of this slightly frayed for a decorative look, if you'd like.

I sealed mine. I was just uncertain.

My plant hanger has seen many, many storms now and is just as pretty as it was when I made it. No fraying, unraveling, or mold even.. ツ
Suggested materials:
  • 4 mm Macramé Cord (85 Yards)   (macramesuperstore.com)
  • One 2-inch Ring   (macramesuperstore.com)
  • One 4-inch Ring   (macramesuperstore.com)
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  • MS MS on Jul 07, 2016
    What does "sennits" mean? Specialized macrame language??

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