Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp & More Gift Ideas With Sweaters

by ScavengerChic
30 Minutes
I had this great idea to continue my hurricane lamp slip covers with a beautiful cable knit thrift store sweater. You may remember my hurricane lamps covered in shells, driftwood, moss and honeysuckle vines. But after doing a little research I found that it’s already been done. Hey, that’s my idea.
No worries, I would do my project anyway, but I also went looking to see what other sweater projects I may have been missing out there in blogland. Apparently a lot, and after I show you my quick tutorial make sure you click on over to my blog where I’ll show you a bunch more things you can do with a recycled sweater, many of which would be great for gift giving this holiday season.
Start with your hurricane lamp or cylinder vase and a sweater of your choosing.
I was hoping that my hurricane lamp would fit in the sleeves of my sweater but either my sweater was too small ( it was a small after all) or my vase was too large, but it would not fit. I was stuck with using the body of my sweater for my vases.
With the wrong side out, pinned the sweater around my vase making it kinda snug and sewed the line I just pinned. Trimmed the seam.
With the wrong side still facing out, pull the sweater over the vase. Turn over the unfinished edge and hot glue in place.
Turn the sweater right side out and you’re done. If you would like to add buttons, they too can be hot glued in place. They could also be sewed in place but then you’re looking at over a half hour.
Such a quick project and so pretty lit up at night.

Since that project went together so easily, I know you'll want to see what other things you can make from a recycled sweater, I think you'll be amazed....I know I was. Make sure you click on the link below and I'll see ya soon.

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Judy Judy on Dec 03, 2015
    I've thought that many of my creations were original only to find that others had come up with the same idea. While originally I was a little ticked off that someone had "stolen" my idea, I realized that all of us who are creative and crafters have often come up with the same thing. We're a special group of people and should support each other........ideas aren't exclusive. Yours is wonderful and I'm happy that you're sharing it! All crafters should share their skills.

  • Vaughnbecky Vaughnbecky on Aug 10, 2019

    Definitely gonna try my hand at this.. I love to give homemade gifts at Christmas to my best friends so this I believe is the one I will be giving...