Ronja Lotte
by Ronja Lotte
5 Materials
30 Minutes
While I am writing these words, I can hear a voice in my head: "Not again a DIY cutlery project!" Do I have a choice?
Since I ran wild on Ebay one night, due to sleep deprivation and boredom, I have a whole drawer full of different pieces of cutlery. As long as I find a use for these, I can make my family and friends believe that my habit of hoarding material is totally cute and charming and not a reason for an intervention *.
* I do not want to know what happens if someone finds my collection of lace ribbons. I got these after a fun night with a pot of black tea and my discovery of Dawanda (the German version of Etsy).
You need an oblong piece of wood, for example pallet-wood ...
... and a silver or silver-plated ladle.
To get a strong contrast to the silver, I have darkened the wood.
Next, I bent the ladle. This is very easy with silver or silver-plated material. I didnt even need a clamp (or my Iron Man suit *)

* Wouldnt it be wonderful to have one? Then I wouldnt need all my tools and I would get a lot of storage space back.
Depending on the ladle, you might need to drill a hole in the silver for a screw.Either way, you must definitely drill a hole in the wood. Now you only have to stuck a screw first trough the ladle and then through the wood and mount the tea-light-holder on the wall.
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Ronja Lotte
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  • Ronnie Ronnie on Feb 17, 2018
    Why not use a 'button' style shaped screw rather than the look of the drywall screw you used?
    It would enhance the look quite a bit!
    Even better a nickle plate or chrome screw to blend in with the color of the spoons.

  • Arlene Rogers Arlene Rogers on Feb 17, 2018
    I really like this tee light idea. However, could I use "gorilla glue" instead of screws? Thanks!

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  • Joanie Joanie on Nov 18, 2018

    Clever idea!!

  • Kay M Johnson Kay M Johnson on Nov 27, 2018

    I love this idea. I think I would use a smoother finished wood, frame it with some simple narrow molding. You could use a crackle finish and give it that Shabby Chic look. You can do so many things with this project. Love the style of the spoons.