Multicolored Mason Jars For Your Spices

Drill the lids of the jars into underside of the cabinet, and fill with your favorite spices. Get tutorial here

Mold A Pretty Candle For The Coffee Table

Duct tape and hot glue down cardboard, then pour silicone into the box over the mason jar. Get tutorial here

Roll Up Your Craft Room Twine With A Jar

Put a bolt through the through the lid, then screw the nut and bolt into place. Get tutorial here

Swirl Food Coloring Inside For A Tinted Jar

Fill mason jar with modge podge until it is ¼ full and squirt in a bit of food coloring. Get tutorial here

Have Your Address Numbers Shine In A Jar

Insert solar lights into mason jars after drawing house number on with a sharpie marker. Get tutorial here

Screw Decorative Seasonal Knobs On The Jar

Drill a hole in the lid and insert a festive knob with Christmas candies inside. Get tutorial here

Transform A Normal Jar Into A Sconce Light

Remove the glass insert from the zinc lid and screw light into place. Get tutorial here

Make A Beautiful Design With Puffy Paint

Stick a sticker on the jar as the design to be traced with puffy paint, then spray paint. Get tutorial here

Fill Freshly Clipped Flowers In A Hanging Jar

Determine how long the boards need to be, and connect the mason jars with twine to the board. Get tutorial here