Build A Topsy Turvy Planter

Insert metal rod into center of first pot, then glue edge of subsequent pots to attach. Get tutorial here

Paint Bubbles On Your Terra Cotta

Mix paint with water and soap, then blow into the mixture over the pot. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Bathroom With Pots

Cut and sand down wood, saw in holes for pots, then paint to desire. Get tutorial here

Coat Your Pot In A Bright Scarf

Wrap scarf around pot, then decoupage with modge podge. Get tutorial here

Paint Faces On Your Terra Cottas

Use Americana Decor paint to coat the pot and draw different faces on the pots. Get tutorial here

Texturize Pots With Spray Paint

Bring a textured and aged look to your pots with Rustoleum Stone Finish. Get tutorial here

Do A Color Block On Pots

Paint terra cotta pots with contrasting bright colors and paint on a face for fun. Get tutorial here

Wrap Your Pots In Rope

Go around the terra cotta with rope and use hot glue to adhere to the surface. Get tutorial here

Create A Marble Effect On Your Pot

Drizzle white and black paint together, then roll pot inside the mixture. Get tutorial here

Stack Pots Into Trees

Simply stack smaller pots on top of the larger, and top with an acorn or plant. Get tutorial here

Build A Patio Light With A Pot

Drill a hole into the center and hook in the center. Get tutorial here

Ignite A Portable Fire Pit With A Terra Cotta

Rip and place tin foil at the bottom and place coal inside. Get tutorial here