Etch a design onto stainless steel

If you want to monogram or personalize a travel mug, this is the way to do it. Get tutorial here

Shine your copper pots and pans

With just some lemon and salt those pots and pans will look like new. Get tutorial here

Make really cool sand art

It’s a great project to do with kids, and the final piece is beautiful. Get tutorial here

Rust metal for a distressed look

Potatoes and salt are the key to getting natural rust. Get tutorial here

Make an easy dishwashing detergent

You’ll save tons of money on those Cascade capsules. Get tutorial here

Clean your silver like a pro

With some aluminum foil you can get your silver sparkling without polishing. Get tutorial here

Get rid of lime deposits on your sink

It’s so simple to make your faucet look clean and new. Get tutorial here

Make your furniture textured and fun

You’ll feel right by the ocean with this cool furniture sea salt wash. Get tutorial here

Make a relaxing bath salt scrub

Why spend money on an expensive spa treatment when you can make your own? Get tutorial here

Kill your weeds in your backyard

Who doesn’t want a weed-free garden without all the harsh chemicals? Get tutorial here

Clean your wooden cutting boards

Get rid of all that bacteria without that much work. Get tutorial here