Spray paint cheap plastic light cages

Grab a can of metallic spray paint and turn cheap plastic into designer decor. Get tutorial here

Surround a fixture with a mirror medallion

Brighten a dull right up, with a DIY mirror medallion to bring out the shine. Get tutorial here

Dye the plain lampshades you already have

Turn your frosted glass lamp shades into colorful pops with this clever dye idea. Get tutorial here

Give a fun & funky makeover to an old lamp

Choose a bright color palette spray away, for this fun and vibrant lamp makeover. Get tutorial here

Add baskets to lights for farmhouse charm

Cover those plain ceiling fan light attachments with a few inexpensive baskets. Get tutorial here

Cover a chandelier in a large drum shade

Hide the ugly bits of an old chandelier using a large, budget-friendly drum shade. Get tutorial here

Turn a hanging basket into a crystal light

Cover a hanging basket in tiny crystals and decorations, to make this fabulous looking light. Get tutorial here

Make a lamp cover from gardening wire

Wrap a light up in gardening wire, and easily hook in your own details and decorations. Get tutorial here

Transform cheap microphones into an accent

Make an intricate accent for your ceiling using cheap microphones from the Dollar Store. Get tutorial here

Add a fresh coat of color and embellishments

Dress up a boring chandelier with a simple coat of paint and strings of plastic gems. Get tutorial here

Make a chandelier pop with mason jars

Top of the candle cups of a chandelier with plain glass mason jars - classy & playful. Get tutorial here

Make plastic bottles into crystal-like lights

Glue together plastic bottles from the Dollar Tree, for a chandelier made totally on the cheap. Get tutorial here

Craft a copper and agate sconce (with wood)

Cover a wooden plaque in copper leaf & set in an agate slice to gently spread the glow. Get tutorial here

Align shards of mirror into a hanging design

Make a reflective masterpiece by hanging layers of mirror squares around your DIY chandelier. Get tutorial here

Pair two strainers into an intricate luminary

Connect two strainers and cover them in dark paint, to create a bold and unique lighting look. Get tutorial here