Decoupage A Scarf Around A Pot

Iron any wrinkles out of the scarf, then decoupage with modge podge and cut off the excess fabric. Get tutorial here

Adhere Glass Beading Over Glass

Mix modge podge with paint, pour it over the glass, and press glass beads into the wet paint. Get tutorial here

Frost A Snack Container Into A Cute Vase

Cut off the top part of the lid and spray paint on a frosted glass effect. Get tutorial here

Recreate A Kate Spade Vase

Simply recreate this $75 piece with gold metallic enamel paint, and with apply with a rounded brush. Get tutorial here

Modge Podge Autumn Leaves

Apply a heavy amount of modge podge onto fake leaves, press inside the vase, and coat in glitter. Get tutorial here

Decorate With Puffy Paint For A 3D Design

Press on a sticker with your pattern of choice, outline with puffy paint, and spray paint over. Get tutorial here

SPiT Pansies On Your Vase

Paint the base of the vase in a chalk paint and lightly dab Unicorn SPiT into other colors to press into the glass. Get tutorial here

Twist Newspaper Into An Ombre Vessel

Wrap and paint strips of newspaper, then bend tubes over each other. Get tutorial here

Thrift A Vase And Make It Colorful

Spray paint in metallic gold, modge podge, and brush Unicorn SPiT on the vase. Get tutorial here

Stain Glass With Mermaid Designs

Put design on inside of the glass, trace on the outside with liquid leading, and fill in the spaces with mermaids or seashells. Get tutorial here

Paint A Two Toned Mercury Milk Bottle

Tape off the bottom of your milk cans at various heights, spray paint metallic silver, then paint gold on. Get tutorial here

Marble With Nail Polish

Will water in a disposable tin, swirl in nail polish, and dip in the vase. Get tutorial here

Make A Hobnail Heirloom With $1 Glass

Cover glass in puff paint spots and let spray paint dry afterwards. Get tutorial here