Step 3: Coil rope with spandex

Hot glue the spandex to the end of the rope, and wrap around the rope. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Glue and cut out rug pad

Measured and cut a piece of rug pad and glue it to the back of the circles. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Wrap yarn around toilet paper rolls

How many times will depend on how fluffy you want them and the yarn you're using (thick or thin). Get tutorial here

Step 3: Separately cut another strand of yarn

Cut a random strand of yarn separate from the roll you just wrapped (about 7-10" should be good). Get tutorial here

Step 4: Tie the new piece between the rolls

Tie the yarn together on one side, but don't create a knot just yet. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Remove roll and cut the loop in half

Slide one of the toilet paper rolls out from the yarn and cut down the center of the loop that is left. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Repeat for other side and tie well

Take the other toilet paper roll out and tie the strand that is wrapped around the the center into a tight knot. Get tutorial here

Step 7: Trim and shape the pom pom evenly

Trim the poof so that all the strands are even and consistent with one another. Leave the tail on! Get tutorial here

Step 8: Tie pom-poms to the rug mat

Feed the tail from the separate strand through the grids in the rug mat and tie it in place. Get tutorial here

Step 1: Clean your rug and cut loose strands

Vacuum your rug and spot-clean any major stains. Cut away any loose fibers or pilled threads. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Prepare your light paint

Use a foam roller for better coverage. You can use any light paint color you would like. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Paint your rug in two coats

If you'd like a flat base, you may have to apply several coats of paint. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Add guidelines with tape

The tape will act as guidelines for you to draw out your pattern accurately. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Cut out cardboard shapes and trace

Cut out the desired geometric/bohemian-style shapes and trace around them with a Sharpie marker. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Draw and color the design

Bohemian style rugs are full of patterns that are overdyed or muted with a blend of bright colors. Get tutorial here