Paint binder clips gold for wall hangers

Spray paint your plain old binder clips gold, to create wall decor hangers that will pop. Get tutorial here

Build a stylish crate for the coffee table

Combine a few wood scraps and metal grating to create a stylish dutch tulip display crate. Get tutorial here

Add gold scallops to a plain glass vase

Cover the bottom of a plain glass vase in gold paper circles, to get this upscale scalloped look. Get tutorial here

Outline wood memo holders in metallic hues

Make your own tabletop memo or photo holders, and line them in attention-grabbing metallic. Get tutorial here

Give boring flower pots some gold-dipped glam

Turn last season’s flower pots into this spring’s garden divas, with metallic paint. Get tutorial here

Organize files with faux aged metal boxes

Make boring file organizers look vintage, by painting wooden boxes to look like aged metal. Get tutorial here

Cover decor in a galvanized finish

Turn a decor item you’ve grown tired of into galvanized beauty with this refreshing redo. Get tutorial here

Add metal hardware to cute picture plaques

Turn flat wooden boards into adorable holders for your favorite memories & add hardware. Get tutorial here

Create large scale letters with a metal look

Cut large letters from cheap plywood and give them a metallic tint, to add instant decor drama. Get tutorial here