Tips for Using Copper

The first thing you should know about copper is that it comes in many forms and it can create many different looks and styles. While the industrial look with copper is popular, Julie McDowell's project shows how copper can be overlaid on classical antique furniture to give it a new lease of life. This Hometalker used a stencil and copper leaf to apply the floral details. The important thing is to use copper to complement rather than dominate a piece of furniture. Copper accents are key. Get tutorial here

Pros of Using Copper

Copper has many advantages over other materials as both a decorative touch and a building material. Firstly, it's cheap and easy to assemble, with this Hometalker simply gluing together some standard copper pipes to create a pipe bed for her cat. Copper pipes can be found at any hardware store and even in your own home. They're an affordable way to give your home an extra touch of class without having to go all out. Get tutorial here

Copper Kitchen Fixtures

Classy, powerful, and durable - copper kitchen counter tops work well with any style of kitchen. While the counter tops may be heavy, they will last for decades and are easy to clean. They will come with a lasting finish so you don't have to worry about wear and tear. This Hometalker has accentuated the copper shine of their pre-installed counter top by adding cabinet lights to reflect off the metal and make their kitchen sparkle. Get tutorial here

Copper Cookware

Copper cookware will give your kitchen a rustic, homely and elegant look which is popular in designer homes. Copper pans make a perfect statement piece for any kitchen. They can be bought cheaply second-hand, although newer copper pots tend to cost more, owing to how in vogue they are at the moment. Make sure to display them proudly with a pot rack in order to make a stylish statement.  Get tutorial here

Installing a Copper Sink

Copper sinks work best when done in the sunken, farmhouse style that is all the rage at the moment. Installing a copper sink is an easy task thanks to the strong structure and relatively light weight of most copper sinks. This Hometalk used a drop-in hammered copper sink and a salvaged wall cabinet to create a new, on-trend look for her bathroom. As you can see, the soft tones of the copper blend well with the reclaimed wood, giving a post-industrial look to your space.  Get tutorial here

The Copper Coffee Table

Adding a copper touch to your living room via the coffee table can be done in many different ways. In this project, the Hometalker has opted to take a Queen Anne style coffee table and use metallic copper spray paint to add a coating, giving it a kind of retro-futuristic feel which acts as a powerful style statement for guests to marvel at. You'll also be able to place your copper mugs on top! Get tutorial here

The Copper Dining Table

The hammered copper look has proven popular in trendy hotels in recent years. Now, it's finally making an appearance in the home. Rather than scouring antique markets for genuine hammered copper, you can use a special roller and paint to give that chic indented look to any piece of furniture, as this savvy Hometalker here has done with an "ostrich skin" roller. Brands such as Artistic Painting Studio specialized in copper indented rollers and paints that look authentic.  Get tutorial here

A DIY Copper Office Desk

One of the central appeals of copper piping is that it can provide an on-trend hipster look for little effort. Copper pipes have the benefit of being lightweight and slim but structurally strong all at the same time. That's what makes them ideal for office furnishings, as with this seriously stylish copper piping laptop table, which was achieved by attached two copper pipes together and then super gluing a wooden board on top. Get tutorial here

A Magazine Rack Made of Copper Pipes

Copper piping can be used to add subtly elegant touches to your home with no effort whatsoever. Using only two separate strands of copper piping and some 90-degree connectors, this Hometalker has put together a chic magazine holder in the space of just a couple of minutes. Make sure to allow for the superglue to dry before putting your magazines there! Get tutorial here

A DIY Magnetic Copper Spice Rack

Magnetic spice racks are a major trending feature for kitchens owing to their style and practicality. As you can see here, it's possible to use a standard metal baking tray to achieve this. This Hometalker has glued a frame with a copper finish to the tray before simply attaching magnetic strips to the bottom of their spice jars. This result is a sleek and futuristic spice rack that looks timeless and is truly useful. Get tutorial here

An Elegant Copper Minibar

One great thing about copper is that you're probably carrying some in your wallet right now. While most people wouldn't think of their loose change as a building material, you can see here that unwanted pennies can be used to create a sleek minibar to entertain your guests with. Over 1000 pennies were placed on this classic bar cart, finished off with a glaze coating, to give this unique glass-like look. Get tutorial here

Copper Shower Curtain Rods

This gorgeous bathroom accessory again shows to the simple yet stunning effect that copper can have. Also, you need is standard copper piping, some brackets, and a drill. Make sure to measure your bathtub or shower so that you can cut your copper pipping down to the appropriate size. After this, you can stick on some copper rings to hold the curtain up, and voila! Get tutorial here

Cleaning Your Copper

A great thing about copper cookware is that it cleans easily. However, it can fade over time. If you want to give your copper that brand-new shine, there are several easy ways to do so. As Hometalker Chas' Crazy Creations explains, acidic home cleaning remedies - particularly lime and vinegar - are the most effective at instantly making your copper look as good as new again. Get tutorial here

Making Copper Work for You

When it comes to copper looks for your home, remember that you aren't limited to industrial styles. It's all about using metallic accents to complement your existing theme and add a little sparkle to it. As Wanda has shown here, just a little bit of copper leaf on even the smallest decorative items can give a space a refreshed and luxurious tone. Try it for yourself today! Get tutorial here