Pom Pom Materials

Pom poms can be made out of a huge range of materials. Wool yarn is the most popular option for DIY pom pom decorations, but you can also make your own from cotton, old clothing, felt or plastic. They use a small amount of material and are inexpensive. You can also do as Jennifer has done for her pom pom rug project, and buy pre-made pom poms from a local craft store.  Get tutorial here

How to Make a Pom Pom

When learning how to make yarn pom poms, a fork is the most common tool for doing it. You simply weave a six to ten-inch piece of yarn through the sporks and loop it around the fork. Then you tie a knot at the top remove the yarn loops, tightening as you go. This Hometalker has used a giant fork to create larger, more dramatic pom poms. Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Rug

A pom pom rug makes a gorgeous statement piece for a modern or rustic living room. Amanda used a rug mat and some wool yarn, using the same system as above to create the pom poms. Rather than using a fork, she instead wrapped the yarn around two toilet paper tubes in order to create much larger pom poms. This Hometalker also used a thicker, more luxurious wool for added effect. Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Curtain Swag

You can add an eclectic, hippie aesthetic to any set of curtains with a DIY pom pom swag. The Hometalker has gone more professional by using a crocheting hook to create hers. The string holding them up is simply threaded through the finished pom poms. Afterwards, Joy knotted some stylish tassels to the pom poms to complete the look. Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Blanket

You can also add pom poms to existing items to give them a quirky and colorful upgrade! Rachel has made her poms by hand, wrapping the yarn around her fingers 40 times per pom pom. She has then hand-stitched her pom poms to an IKEA blanket to give this lovely finished product. Make sure to choose a color that matches the blanket.  Get tutorial here

Decorative Pom Pom Bookmarks

Pom pom crafts are an inventive way to jazz up your bookshelf and give it a more contemporary look. This Hometalker has used medium-weight yarn that won't be deteriorated by the books. They have created them by hand as shown in the previous slide, leaving a 2 to 3-inch hanging piece of string to serve as the actual bookmark, for style and functionality. Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Chair Makeover

This standard office chair has been given a funky retro-chic makeover with the help of the versatile pom poms. Brooke made the pom poms with the fork method before tying them to a steel mesh sheet. She also took the extra step of gluing the pom poms around the edges of the sheet down, as these are the most likely to fray and fall off over time. The finished result is stunning. Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Pillows

Pom poms can also be used as decorative trims to add some life to a pillowcase, which this Hometalker has shown can be ideal for outdoor furniture. Make sure to measure your trims carefully beforehand. Keeping it simple, Jennifer has simply glued the trims down to the pillowcase and hooked up her pre-made, store bought felt pom poms to each line.  Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Flower Bouquets

Express your love for your partner with this subtle and stunning pom pom bouquet! Kelly has used the fork method and some soft pink cotton yarn to bring together this romantic creation. The pom poms can easily be fitted over some fake plant stems by piercing them through the bottom of your pom pom. The result is a bouquet that will last forever.  Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Wreaths

Keeping with the floral theme for this next one, here's how Anne created a timeless pom pom wreath. She actually used a pom pom maker, which she bought from Amazon, with some thick Lion Brand Yarn. The finished product used around 3 1/2 skeins of yarn, with each of the pom poms simply being hotglued to each other in a circular formation.  Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Basket

This adorable pom pom basket again demonstrates how they can breathe energy and color into any furnishing. This summery look was achieved by cutting a piece of wire in the basket and using it to thread the pom pom through. You can go for the cluster look, as Stefan has done, or you can use pom poms to cover the entirety of the basket.  Get tutorial here

Pom Pom Garland

The pom pom garland is arguably the item which reignited the current craze. These versatile decorations can be draped across fireplaces, tables, counters, and wall hangings to give a sense of eccentricity. This Hometalker used a standard pom pom maker, tying each one tightly to a cut length of cotton twine. After that, it was ready to go up! Get tutorial here

Decorative Pom Pom Bunny

Quite possibly the cutest Hometalk project we've ever seen, this pom pom bunny makes for a perfect Easter decoration. This Hometalker used the fork method to create several fluffy pom pom balls. After that, felt was used to create the ears, eyes, and nose. Guistina then hotglued the whole thing together to create the finished product you see here, which took less than an hour to assemble.  Get tutorial here