Looking Fresh With An Apple Green Velvet Sofa

Hometalker Delores Arabian reupholstered the existing sofa by deploying a vibrant apple green velvet, with this new design boldly and brightly standing out in the living room. This apple green velvet evokes a feeling of nostalgia, with the design mixing a classic exterior with modern comfort. Visitors will be quick to relax on this velvet sofa. Get tutorial here

From Velvet Curtains To Glamorous Floor Pouf

Underneath this glamorous velvet cover, taken from leftover material originally set aside for velvet curtains, is a small cable spool that would otherwise have gone to waste. This intelligent alliance between the spool and the velvet has created a luxurious pouf, with thick foam added to ensure that the pouf has the comfort to match its style. Get tutorial here

Velvet Armchair Gets a Painted Makeover

Hometalker Jessie has demonstrated the potential to use paint in revitalizing an armchair, with the velvet material ideal for allowing an even distribution of paint. A two to one ratio of paint to textile medium is advised, to be applied with a compact brush, while taking the time to sand between layers can achieve a canvas-like texture if desired. Get tutorial here

Spruce Up a Living Room With Velvet Accessories

A living room can be transformed with minor embellishments, as opposed to introducing a velvet couch. The attractive design of these cushions adds a splash of color to the room.These unique velvet hand-painted pillow covers from Hometalker Banarsi Designs demonstrate how minor changes can make a big difference in improving comfort and style. Get tutorial here

Open Up The Room With Velvet Curtains

These vintage velvet drapes can really thrive in a room with large windows, with the velvet curtains able to operate as an opaque wall or able to be thrust open to welcome more light. The window’s shape and the room’s decor will dictate whether vintage velvet drapes are the right fit, but if so then they are almost always the right choice. Get tutorial here

Using Paint To Modernize Velvet Chairs

Hometalker Jessica C wasn't ready to say goodbye to velvet chairs that were still in great condition, so she used a new coat of paint to give them a new lease of life. By using automotive spray paint specially designed for fabrics and vinyl, a new coating and some decorative nickel nail heads made these welcoming chairs look as good as new. Get tutorial here

Using Paint To Create Velvet Appearance

This dresser received a dramatic makeover courtesy of DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint and some patient sanding to achieve a smooth appearance, with the painted finish reminiscent of velvet. With the paint changing from a deeper to lighter hue depending on the light, this dresser is engaging to look at. This paint further shows the versatility of velvet. Get tutorial here

Velvet Bench Becomes Major Living Room Player

This royal blue velvet is very easy on the eye, with the once standard bench transformed into a classy and chic piece of furniture. The juxtaposition between the bright green gimp and the understated royal blue velvet makes this bench a versatile piece of furniture, as comfortable on a porch as in the living room as a centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Using Paint To Create A Unique Velvet Chair

Paint can be used to revitalize an entire velvet couch or chair, but Hometalker Jennifer Allwood used paint more sparingly to produce a distinctive end product. This fabric paint of Graceland-Blue maintains the softness of the original material while giving the chair a new character. It may only be half blue, but this furniture is all class. Get tutorial here

Applying A Velvet Finish To Furniture

By using Velvet Finishes, an item of furniture can go from old and worn to fresh and exciting. The beauty of velvet paint is that there is always so much depth to the color. The Velvet Finishes Dark Glaze creates a more rustic appearance to this cabinet, while the gold trim complements the color perfectly. This cabinet would stand out in any room. Get tutorial here

Be Bold With Redesigning Velvet Upholstery

Hometalker A drew inspiration from an "Old Hollywood" aesthetic, so it is no surprise that they opted to use the timeless material of velvet when reconstructing the seat. The final product does resemble furniture you might expect to see in a classic movie, so velvet is worth considering if you're trying to achieve that old and romantic Hollywood charm. Get tutorial here

An Effective Mix of Velvet and Chalk Paint

Many might not realize the possibility of using chalk paint to upgrade a velvet chair, but Hometalker Grungy Galz has a top tip: water, more water and sanding. The chalk paint takes to the velvet beautifully, giving this newly redesigned chair the appearance of a coveted antique. It’s impossible to tell that this wasn’t the original design. Get tutorial here

Painting Your Velvet Is Worth The Effort

There is no doubt that painting velvet upholstery requires more patience and care than simply painting wood but the end result is almost always worth it. Hometalker Jessica found that, contrary to the advice of many, it is best not to paint the seat with water first, but rather dive straight into applying the paint to make the process much easier. Get tutorial here

Creating The Velvet Headboard Of Your Dreams

This material is often found in the living room, in the guise of a velvet sofa or chair, but velvet also has great potential in the bedroom. This velvet diamond tufted headboard is proof. Once the wooden frame and foam are assembled, the process of tufting should be completed carefully to give that uniform and distinctive headboard finish. Get tutorial here

Use Velvet Curtains For Some Hollywood Charm

Velvet curtains can play starring roles when seeking to implement a Hollywood Regency style in the living room, alongside silk lampshades and sculpted carpets. Because velvet curtains never go out of style, they can be effective in creating a luxurious style without the need for a Hollywood budget, although the color must complement the room’s theme. Get tutorial here

Relax In Style With Velvet Tufted Furniture

Tufted furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Many might associate it with headboards, but tufted furniture is also making an appearance in living room furniture. Velvet works beautifully with the tufting technique, with this velvet sofa both looking fashionable and relaxing. Visitors are sure to head straight for this sofa. Get tutorial here