Scrap Pieces From Cutting Cloth? Let's Make It Multi-use Cover!

Chiyoko Kana
by Chiyoko Kana
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Since I make dolls with cloth, I usually ends up having a hill of small pieces from cutting cloth. What I always do is to stack them in my basket until it gets full.
But I am not happy to throw them into dust can, because I still love their designs and patterns. It is very sad to let them go even after it gets really small piece that almost impossible to make anything with it.

So, here is what I do with them.
Yes, this is my inventory.
First of all, I love these pieces. But at same time I am not big fan of tough work.
When I thought about using these small pieces and make something usable, patch-work cover cloth was one thing popped up in my mind, but imaging how long it would take was ... well, I'm not so good at small needle worksicon

Instead, I chose to saw them with sawing machine and make small pieces into bigger pieces.

1) Cut those clothes in square shape.
2) Place them as big square piece, just like stacking blocks.
3) Saw those big pieces together.
4) Attached lining.
5) Saw cloth along the edge of each parts, so that would look like nice stitches and makes cover durable.
Here is how it turned out!icon
With my dolls and ... oh, cat too!icon

Thank you for reading my ideaicon
Suggested materials:
  • Cloth
  • Sawing machine
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