Cool Summer Lighting- Sea Glass in an Ice Bucket

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This has to be one of the easiest, nicest, coolest upcycles that I've done in awhile even if I say so to myself! I bet you'll want one too for your Tiki bar or outdoor space this SUMMER after you set your eyes on it!

Sea Glass Ice Bucket Light

Now this project is quite flexible so I want to put that out there right away but you'll have to use your imagination for the project substitutes. For example, if you don't have access to sea glass try glass marbles and if you don't have an ice bucket check out the dollar store or thrift store for clear plastic containers. With that in mind I'll show you the steps to create this one and you can run with it and personalize yours to create a custom light.

Start Up Supplies

It's just very basic items that I used to create this, you'll need a clear container, a clear, recycled jar that fits within your container and some sea glass. I also used a drill, white paint, E6000 glue, painters tape and a small string of fairy lights.

Sea Glass Hobby

As you can tell I love creating things with sea glass, normally these projects take hours but this one luckily is just going to take a few minutes!

Drill Hole in Lid

I created a small hole in the jam jar lid to create a place for the light string push button making it easy to turn the light on and off. My particular string had a push button, yours may have a switch either way this is my idea to make it easy to access.

Glue Light to Lid

So here you'll see my light button, it was sold within a large, decor type lightbulb at a dollar store but....I broke the bulb! Therefore the fairy lights were a great item to try to reuse in some other way, this was the way! So, back to the instructions you'll need to glue the battery part of your string to the bottom of the lid. I used E6000 because it hasnt failed me yet and its my go-to glue for slick, smooth surfaces like plastic and glass.

Secure Light to Lid

I wanted a solid stick so I kept the items together with painters tape until the glue had bonded. The longest part of this project will be waiting for paint and glue to dry, you can either watch and wait or speed it up with a heat gun like I did!

Painting Second Coat

Oops, I forgot to mention I had painted the lid with one coat of paint while I was figuring this all out but after the light was attached I painted it again to cover over the black light button. I used a multi surface craft paint but spray paint would be perfect too and faster!

Jam Jar in Ice Bucket

Just like that, it's now assembly time!! The clear inner container for the light project needs to be smaller on the width and a little shorter than the ice bucket, next you'll see why.

Adding Seaglass

Now you see it right? The clear glass jar serves several purposes here, one is that you'll use less of the filler in my case sea glass, it'll keep the light less heavy overall and it'll serve as a protection for your tiny lightstring. Cha-ching!

Replacing the Lid

Once it's almost filled I added the jam jar lid back on, the string lights were gently pushed down into the jar and the lid screwed in place.

Concealing the Lid

Next I finished filling the bucket making sure to keep the button switch free to use.

Ice Bucket Lid

Fill the bucket or container ensuring that you still can secure the lid back on first. I cant wait to show you the finished look turned onnnnn.....eeeeek!

Ice Bucket Lighted Up

All together now.....awwwwwwwwh! Isn't that cool? I was screaming inside, yes I did it!! The best part is now you can too!!

Close Up

In case you thought it was only nice from a distance, nope it's pretty amazing close up too with all of the different shapes of glass. Dare I say it? It even looks like the real deal here....ICE!!

Possible Display

Lets get this party started huh?? Sorry, I dont own a bar but it's pretty neat to use just as beach decor but I set it up as if it were for a bar conversation piece.

Bar Display

A vintage decanter, a recycled ice bucket and a souviner shot glass is cute and simple enough for me. I was so excited to share this simple and easy Summer project with you because I know it'll attract attention and in a cool way. It'll be your trick of the Summer to share with guests... "see our ice doesn't melt!!"

Puffin Shot Glass

Oh and if you've followed my posts long enough now you'll know I love birds especially these Atlantic puffins! They are here now in our Province nesting and feeding on a tiny migratory fish called capelin. They are super adorable but even more so placed beside such an awesome light huh??? Ahem, that was one last plug for the light because it's so flipping easy and awesome and cool lol ! Enjoy my friends, until we see you at the next post!

Suggested materials:
  • Frosted clear seaglass   (Beach combed)
  • Clear plastic Ice Bucket   (Goodwill)
  • Clear Glass Jar   (Recycled)
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  • Jackie Lynnley Jackie Lynnley on Jul 02, 2021

    Coulsn't tea lights be simply put in a jar without all the drilling and taping?

  • Barbara Barbara on Jul 02, 2021

    How would a string of mini lights work?

  • Bon34458879 Bon34458879 on Jul 02, 2021

    This is gorgeous! Do you think colored sea glass would work or would the light not be able to shine through as well as with the clear sea glass? 😊

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  • List maker List maker on Jul 20, 2021

    Wow, Your love of whales crafts are also awesome. I love the ice bucket and YOU are the one who thought of it and made it happen. Congratulations. Whole set up is lovely. Puffins...where do you live? Beverly the list maker....always writing it down, seldom completing the tasks....woe is me! LOL

    • Thanks, your enthusiasm is very well recieved and I live in Newfoundland, Canada an island in the midst of the North Atlantic!

  • Lindalee_47303 Lindalee_47303 on Jul 25, 2021

    Such a beautiful, creative idea! We have a camper in Michigan I will make some of these for when we’re setting outside in the evening!