Shower Curtain Made From Vintage Bedspread

Vintage linens always catch my eye. I can't resist them at yard sales and thrift stores. I have quite a collection...but never really know what to do with them? But as I was on the hunt for a white shower curtain, I came across this white bedspread and knew it would be perfect!
Very little sewing is required for making this shower curtain out of a vintage bedspread!
You will need Extra Large Eyelets, and an Extra Large Eyelet Tool and a hammer.
Use a shower curtain liner to determine the size of the shower curtain. Add 1/2" to the sides and 1" to the top before cutting. You can make it as long as you want. It just depends on how high you want it to hang. I let the fringe on the bedspread serve as the bottom of the shower curtain, so no sewing was required!
Fold the sides over 1/2" and sew down. Fold the top down 1" and sew down.
Mark where all of the holes are in the shower curtain using the liner.
Cut small squares of a heavier weight fabric. I used fleece.
Cut a small hole in the fleece and in the bedspread. Place the fleece on top of the bedspread and insert the eyelet.
Follow the directions on the package to line up the eyelet and the eyelet tool. You have to hammer HARD!
And the front will look like this when you are done.
I then tied yarn to each of the eyelets on the ends of the curtain. I dug into more of my vintage linen collection and pulled out a few small linens to hang with clothespins from the line.
DaisyMaeBelle - Melissa
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