Simple Recycled Napkin Rings

Nancy Ludwig
by Nancy Ludwig
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I make my own dinner napkins, because I don't like paper napkins. I love a happy table, so I created napkin rings. Yes we use them for every day.
you will need Garden Twine, Elmers Glue All, empty toilet paper rolls, embellishments and E6000 or Hot Glue.

Begin with one roll and the twine, do not crush the roll, just firmly enough to keep them snug. Wrap the twine onto the paper roll. Make 8 rounds. You will leave about a 1.5" tail on each end, cross them over and tie two knots as pictured. Repeat on the roll two more times. Make sure they are snug. You have the makings of three napkin rings.
Using the Glue all, spread it with your damp finger or brush, all around the outside of the rings. Avoid too much glue on the roll, but do saturate the twine well. Stand the roll(s) on end and let them dry 24 hours.
when dry, punch your thumb down on the paper roll until the ring pops loose. You may ne able to reuse the rolls again, but we all know where to find mor. Just begin to collect them.
Now you can leave them plain or decorate them as you like. Leave the tails on, or trim them. The knotted side can be used to place your embellishments on or as a rest for the bottom.
This one is a crocheted flower, hot glued in place. Great for outdoors or spring.
These were some of my favorite embellishments. They are scrapbook embellishments. I used E6000 as I did not want the hot glue to show. Take another 24 hours to dry or more.
Some old wine charms for these.
The mouse was an older broken pin. And another clay embellishment. Get the family involved in creating their own. How about a matchbox car, or an old toy. Maybe grandmas old clip on earring, any type of broken jewelry. Be creative have fun! Old watch Faces.
Suggested materials:
  • Toilet Paper Rolls (empty)   (Recycle)
  • Elmers Glue All   (Home Depot)
  • Hot Glue Gun   (Craftroom)
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