Simple Sconces From Teacups & Plates

Lisa Myers
by Lisa Myers
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One of the Facebook pages I follow always posts pictures of Cardinals eating from feeders made from a cup, saucer/small plates & chain. I decided I wanted to make my own. I went to Goodwill & found a couple cups, but got bread plates instead of saucers, as they gave more space for the bird seed. I made my feeder, but while I was in the process of it, I decided that I liked the way it would look on a wall, then thought I'd put one of my battery-powered tea lightset in it. I loved it. I have 2 different patterned ones, and went back to get more plates & cups today.
Today I got salad plates instead of bread plates, as that was all they had.
The teacup
These are picture frame hangers that came in a picture-hanging caddy. They are actually flat with 2 teeth sticking out of the bottom part for piercing the wood frame.
I used pliers to flatten the teeth down, and to bend out the loop at an angle.
I place the cup on the plate the way I want it to rest, then note the 3 areas I need to glue. I glue a small area on the outer edge of the base, a small area on low to mid bowl area, & one where the handle will touch to the plate.
Making sure I have the cup area lined up and centered, I turned the plate around and glue the hanger to the back. I think it would possibly work a little bit better moving it further down the plate.
This is the first one I made. I prefer using the old-fashioned shallow teacups for this.
The second one I made. This was made from a chipped cup & chipped bread plate from my great-grandmother's China, which I now have. I had already bought replacement pieces, but couldn't part with the chipped pieces. I used battery-powered tealights, but I think it would be okay to use tealights candles. The foil will keep the wax from getting into the cup.
I just added this picture in. This is the bird feeder that I made first, that gave me the idea for the sconces.
This is how I attached the chains on the bird feeder. I think if I make another feeder, I will glue pop tabs on the under-side of the plate, as if making a sconce, but in 3 places, then attach the chains there.
Then I opened a link & hooked it to the rim of the plate, then glued it in place.
Some asked what the pattern on the feeder is. It's the same as my first sconce.
I'm putting a couple more pics of new sconces in the comments, as I have put the maximum allowed in the main post.
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  • Connie Connie on Jan 02, 2018
    This is brilliant and so pretty. I especially love the tea lite idea. Going to try your invention. Curious what u paid for the dishes. Thx.

  • Janerose Janerose on Sep 20, 2018

    Great idea...especially for $ store /yard sale u think they can be left out in our Northeast Winters?

  • I am a Tea Set collector, I love the Bird Feeder for my backyard deck‼️ Do you have any easy projects or ideas using Teapots⁉️

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