Small Cottage Continued

by Cissy
So many of you have asked to see the rest of the Cottage that I am posting what I have of the rest of the home.
This is an additional photos from the Kitchen Eating area. We used a 60 inch round to try to get maximum space for guests and you must have 60 inches to sit 6 people. My client just fell in love with the hutch and sideboard. I also love it, but felt it was a little large for the space. She wanted it anyway. It is a beautiful piece and will allow her much more storage in the kitchen. All her china and glassware can go in the top and the bottom can be serving pieces. I picked out a Sunbrella fabric to use for the parsons chairs. They came from Ballard's. This would make the fabric almost indestructible, with small children on them. Stains should not be a problem. I also loved the plum color the chair fabric pulled. We were able to find just the right piece of art to hang that also had this shade of plum. You can see the true color of the Blue BM Paint in this photo and how light and soft it is. The Rabbit container on the table, was one she had when I did her main home over 15 years ago.
I rubbed some of the plum color onto the grapes on the base of the planter to blend it with the plum in the chairs and the painting.
I loved this small whimsical table we found. Again the shutters would change this photo so much. I have asked her to send me photos with the shutters up. She does not have a good camera, just her phone.
This gives you a better view of the book case which needs more books which she will add. The little Mustache cup that had sentimental meaning to her is on the small round table. She did not bring any personal things from her home to this house, but this tiny cup which had meant something to her mother in law who had recently passed .
The previous family had used the front bedroom as a nursery but had not done much with it. This room had 2 solid walls which made it adequate for plenty of room to serve guests.
I tried to get her to put a Queen bed on the wall behind the side of these Bunks, as there was plenty of room for a Queen with two night tables , a chest and a small chair in this room. She wanted the bunk beds for her grandson's to have but I am not a fan of bunks. I had them briefly with my sons and they are the devil to make up and no adult ever wants to sleep on them. There is also a danger if the ceilings are not high enough in that a child will hit their head on the ceiling and also if it might put them under a light fixture. Most companies will not sell bunks to anyone if their ceilings are not 10 feet. She said she was going to try them and if they did not work she would sell them and go with the queen. We had to turn them to this way to keep them from being under the light fixture. There was room to have them straight on the Dark blue wall, but for the danger of the light fixture. This room was a true light blue with gray tones instead of any green because we wanted it to have a nautical look.
We are going to return the mirror and I am going to take photos of her two grandsons made with their hair dripping wet in their swim suits and I am going to apply a HD edit and we will frame them in the blue frames and hang them on this wall.
This was a tiny room to the right off the foyer as you entered the house. It had no closet and the previous owners had a desk and chair in it and that was it. I had her contractor build a closet on the foyer end with shelves to hold her printer, and all her modems for the internet and TV and her binders of her clients. She can work from here with her Apple Macbook. The room was very small, less than 10 feet one way but the wall that backed up to the living room was 11ft.
I selected a Full Sleeper sofa to have in the office which will give her another bed for company.
Sleeper sofa
Sofa with desk area showing
we took off the Luann Panel door and put two small bypass french doors to open this up. I hung silk panels that were unlined so they looked pretty on each side, on either side of the doors, that could be drawn if someone did use this for sleeping. We used end tables that had storage as often as possible. In a small space you should always look to gain storage any way you can.
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  • Cissy Cissy on Aug 23, 2015
    Carole, it is not my home. It is the home of a client, but I could live there if it was just me. It is very soothing. The Office was my favorite room. So soft and ethereal.

  • Hannah V Hannah V on Aug 24, 2015
    Lovely decor! Digging that nautical room with with bunk beds :)