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One of the simplest, easiest and least expensive ways to add seasonal color to your neutral home is by adding spring decor accessories to your rooms.
You all must think I’m crazy.

I’ve been reworking my home, room by room, paring back the look to refined neutrals, removing much of the color and presenting the finished product with an air of satisfaction that says, “yeah, that’s so much better”. And then a week or two goes by and that very same room is wearing a whole new palette of celebratory color.

But there’s a method to my madness!  I promise.
You see, that was exactly the point. While I do enjoy my neutral rooms in their elegant neutral glory, I still enjoy playing with color. And it’s far easier to bring a new palette into a neutral room for seasonal flavor or even on a whim, than to try to shoehorn a specific hued room into a different color direction that could potentially clash.

A neutral base allows you to explore alternative visual themes as the mood strikes, rather than constraining you to a predetermined look.
For spring I’ve brought a lovely ambiance into my home, inspired by the Greenhouse Trend. The look utilizes sophisticated pastels, timeless florals and botanical prints to bring a touch of nature into the home. 

Today’s post will feature three of my rooms, refreshed for the season using only accessories. This illustrates how you can do the very same thing to any of your rooms with a neutral backdrop.
A little color goes a long way and in a living room or den a strong statement can be made using primarily pillows and a throw or two. Much like styling a table or really any room, the key to communicating a concept is to find a pivotal piece that embodies the theme, and then surround it with items that complement that look.

In this case, the botanical appliqué pillow is the central piece, bolstered thematically by the blush crochet pillow and mint mohair throw.

(See below for resource info.)
Moving into the kitchen, the white center island provides ample opportunity to add spring decor through the same soft palette. It’s remarkable how different the room looks, simply by adding a new vignette to this central location.

(You can see that in practice in an early spring post where I used  bold greens for a stronger statement or a holiday post where vibrant reds took the room in an entirely different direction. I’ve also played with blue and whites for a buttoned up more formal look.)
Our kitchen is a mix of several elements, contrasting casual and formal, as I love to do. The crystal chandeliers and marble backsplash speak directly to my elegant side, while the antiqued flooring and chippy signage appeal more to my country-loving self, keeping it all from getting too serious. The greenhouse trend taps into both sides, blending country flowers and pretty pastels with pops of gold for a punch of polish.
Of course, fresh flowers are part of all my styled rooms, and I love how their look is reflected in the charming peony tumblers. Tinted in an assortment of colors and adorned with sandblasted blooms, they’re served up on a golden tray anchored by a cluster of tulips.
The taller vase combines rustic patina with a brass plated rim, another nod to casual elegance, while the zebra coasters mingle white bone with gold inlay for a hint of luxe.

Stoneware plates are stacked neatly on the island, but I’ve also used them on a table setting in the dining room. They look lovely paired with pink linen napkins and my new favorite butterfly jeweled napkin rings. You can see more of the  spring dining room in this earlier post, with full details of the table and decor.
I’m absolutely delighted to have my home decorated in a way that’s easy to refresh for the season. I still have some rooms left to go that will also be moving toward a neutral underpinning. I love being able to add color and style without spending a fortune on new furniture, simply by layering in beautiful accessories!

For resource info for all of these accessories with direct links to the products, please click the “see more” button below.
Suggested materials:
  • Pillows
  • Throw
  • Tableware
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