Steampunk House Address Monogram

by Ariel
6 Materials
30 Minutes
Who says that you have to have a boring typical house address? Let’s spruce it up with something fun and different like a steampunk monogram.
You’ll need chalk paint, gears and keys, stencils, mosaic tiles, and E6000 glue.
First, I started with this pretty beat up and sad looking letter I found at the store. I wanted to update it and make it look cool. So, I took some chalk paint and coated the entire letter in black.
Then, I painted a light blue over number stencils.
I used E6000 to adhere these gears I found from the jewelry department, and I spaced them out so I’ll have room to plan out the mosaic tiles.
I started to plan out the border, and apply the tiles. Then after I finished the border, I filled in the monogram with tiles.
This took time to do, but the result was very satisfying!
I love how bright it is, but with an edgy steampunk vibe :D
Suggested materials:
  • Gears and Keys   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
  • E6000 Glue   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
  • Chalk Paint   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
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  • Cat Cat on Nov 21, 2018

    Your idea is great! Where did you score the letter? I would prob. try finding a letter that starts our last name.

  • DiRoDi DiRoDi on Nov 21, 2018

    That is sooooo good-looking! The color (greenish blue?) against the warm clay brick is so classy and earthy...very clever! Is it weather-proof? I.E., is the wood/painted letter sealed, protecting it from the elements? My husband and I made an outdoor sign once, with pressure-treated lumber, painted and sealed. It lasted a little more than a year!! So disappointing! I'm an artsy-craftsy ladies with decades and a wide variety of experience behind me but I clearly must have missed/neglected something...wrong paint?...wrong sealer? now I don't trust my judgement. (sigh!) Any tips here?

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