How to Stencil Cute Lace Birds on a Wire

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by Royal Design Studio
Our new Lace Bird Stencils, Sweet Tweets, star in this colorful wall stencil how-to project that will have you chirping a happy tune!
This would be a super fun stencil project for a nursery or child's room. YOU get to design it and decide where you want to paint the "wires" (done with tape!) and can do as much or as little as you want. Consider this stencil idea for a feature wall-and if you don't want to do the whole wall you can simply use tape to paint in vertical "poles" where you wish and run the wires between them.
Visit our blog for complete How-to instructions:
Birds on a Wire - How to Stencil our Sweet Tweets Lace Birds
Creating the 'Wire' for these sweet birdies to sit on is a simple prep step made even easier with our varied sizes of Stencil Brushes!
The fact that our Sweet Tweet Lace Birds are small and individually cut makes the arranging a snap.
You can decorate your finished stencil design with colorful flowers or accents to make the feature wall a piece of art!
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